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May 29, 2008


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May 27, 2008

Rubbish on My Face 2

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I saw blogs. Political write ups on Mahathir, his son, Hishamuddin, Badawi, his son in law, Najib, his late father. I scan through in less than 10 minutes. I don’t understand. I see them as losers who trying hard to vacate the Sullivans in their pocket. But that’s their job isn’t it. I don’t understand. Or I pretended not to want to understand. Lesson on £

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May 25, 2008

Jamek Mosque Link Pioneers 6-Friends

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Authenticated Writer : Johor Pioneers 6-Friends

Masjid Jamek Map 8 Kilometers From Johor Bahru City

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Legendary Johor 6-Friends

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Picture of (late) Sir Sultan Ibrahim :

Sultan of Johor – 4 June 1895 – 8 May 1959

Born Che Wan Ibrahim on September 17, 1873 in Istana Bidadari, Singapore, he was the only son of Che Wan Abu Bakar, Temenggung of Johor by Che Puan Besar Zubaidah (“nee” Cecilia Lange, daughter of Mads Johansen Lange; a Danish businessman with the nickname “the King of Bali” ). His title changed to Tunku Ibrahim in 1885, when his father, then Maharaja Abu Bakar, proclaimed himself sultan and sovereign of the state of Johor. (ref:wp)

Why London? Why No-Return? Why 84 Years? Why 700 years’ repeats in 1993? ..Why 120 years..Why“he” wants to be buried at..”that place up the hill”..? Why not the 13th centuries? why tsunami 2004 were told in 1970..Why 20 years..

Kenapa London? Kenapa nga Pulang? Kenapa tak mau Pulang? Kenapa yang dia ini mau pulang tapi di halang..Kenapa Ada legenda dari Demak..Kenapa ada fakta “King of Bali”..apa kaitan Bali dengan “LampuYang Bali”..Hanya si pinter dari Kudus dan Karengasem bisa nyambung cerita ini..dan cerita dari Solo dan cerita dari Lombok…Hanya si Flores dan Maluku ngerti..

The History, Facts, Myths : The Legend

The studies of Kampung Melayu Majidee is similarly to link the understanding of Johor Lama and “Tanjung Puteri” when majority of the early settlers were from Kampung Lalat in Tanjung Puteri, which was part of the Johor Lama. But the story goes beyond that, was recorded and known to the world.

…” While every efforts were made to seek the truth about the legend of the “3-Times Dead”, he had once said...”I had died 3-times, I had changed names 3-times..Don’t tell anyone, we were there, I am scared to be killed” ..while he was surrendered to the barber, his father whispered to the barber, the late Pak Bachok, as he left them together, he never again repeats the visit to Bachok,..and while he had his hair cut, the barber told him, at his head, (*) listen, your father...He had changed his attitude and behavior.. He doesn’t anymore want to be that Brahim, no-more.. his mother (deceased 20.02.2008 the daughter of Dukun Rahman, grandchild of Tengku Dara who married to Che Wan Jusoh :ref: Clan of Pergam Istana Buruk Muar Johor)..had once said to him..My son, you know a lot now, keep it to yourself, don’t tell anyone..that’s why his princess were taken off Johor to avoid you..Quiet, People will say that you are(*)..My son, your name was other than what you are now..Your father changed to (*) now, he said this is his memory, a name that where it all started..where it all will begin..the mother ofthe name..You are the one..”..(ref: 2006)

Upon 20 years researching..and listening, we stumbled upon a lot more historical stories and records..

..Since these records were never published and was told, ..”keep that a secret..”, but reality is that all those records are inter-related and proven, available..So, it is hoped that this records may become a guideline to a further research of the history, that many have been twisted and, by way of understanding them at a different perspective of the researcher, recorder, and the existing life of those who inherited from them from the past…”

This is only the first 3-part of the records. Goodluck. (Ref:Notebook.1963, 1972, 1973, 1985, 2000-2006)

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Rubbish on My Face

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I recalled an incidence in Singapore. I was 16. I threw a small piece of paper, the used bus tickets, into the drain, running water swept it off. 30 seconds later, I was approached by a man with a broom and asked me to sweep the drain. I asked why? …he explained well, and I did it in the public. Lesson 1.

As I stayed at home with my old father, every Fridays, I had to wake up early and started my weekly housekeeping chores, almost an acre of grass cuttings, pruning the trees, small or big, by late evening, segregating the bio and non-biodegradables. That was in the 1960’s. My late father was an ex-British Army veteran. Lesson 2.

I got into school..Later, this evening, The youngsters, walked off, spontaneously my feet up, runs, I rushed at one of them, she looked at me. She smiled…I lost my word…read on

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May 24, 2008

JARI KELINGKING – Kamu kan punya Bapak ?

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Jari Kelingking vs Pemimpin, Politik, Perusak

Subuh 24 May 2008. Anak Kudus

Dulu aku menentang. ..Sebab aku ada “INGAT”an…read on

..“kau dah besar, kau dah pandai, kau jagalah diri kau” sebaiknya. Ingat pesan aku? “TULIS”

Waktu aku “jilat kaki lima orang” kali pertama dulu…“Kawan lah”. Ber Kawan-Kawan. Tapi, masa tu sebagai sador nya aku bukan macam si budak kaya Jepun tu, aku “anggap dia sebagai sedara tenggek yang ke 3”. Sampai sekarang. Kau ada sedara tenggek? “CARI”.

Jauh perjalanan, banyak belanja. Banyak lah penyakit. Banyak lah pengalaman. Beza…Mirip kamu. Ada dua bibir. Bukan 4…BACA…TULIS.

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May 15, 2008

Malaysia Tuna Kampung Melayu Majidee International Market

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press this link

We will re-direct you. Please Sabar.

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Personal Experience Kenangan untuk next Generation

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Selamat Datang ke Bloggo anak Kg. Melayu Majidee. Sekadar Pengalaman, untuk perli anak cucu cicit masa depan saya, dah tua, tak sempat cerita nanti, di sini ada 3 jenis tahap kemajuan li’teratur manusia.

Sesuaikan lah mood anda untuk baca, PILIH, dan paham kan.


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