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June 18, 2008

Fed to be Fooled

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It is so impressive to see the cheating-wife living with their husband during their marriage, while they are still at home, a love castle a shelter that is provided by the the demand of the poor father in law to the poor husband, and perhaps by the demands of the myths as taught in their religion, a social obligations.

Or, to see a small kids or teenagers trying to persuade for forgiveness from their parents after they had made big mistakes of their life.

It goes without saying, some ended up in divorce, separations and abandonments. But if a woman abandoned their family, abandoned their kids and the husband? – the society defaulted at the husbands !! Similar to: IF I were to go to war, can I expect the other neighbor who is not involved in that war; to help me pay the trips for wars? Or constructing the oncoming Olympics with gigantic developments, changed overnights?

Stupid isn’t it and feeling sick to having country or world leaders, but they are busy cleaning their own own own gunny sacks to put more jeweleries that they had just robbed from the goldsmiths whom they warranted the licenses to operate in front of their house? What kind of fools that we are facing now. While we are still selling noodles to feed the children to school, some are selling drugs and sex for easy money, getting big income, and they buy our land? ****up..

Below and the writings is some thoughts, provoking but, sickening to tell yet its JUST A THOUGHT !!

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The same reactions as we reached to a maturity level, that enough to surfaced the truth of critical thinking, that need to be justified. I can’t explain this to my future generation, without MAJORITY opinions..

It starts from the origin of us, as WE WERE FED TO LEARN TO PASS THE EXAMS at school. After we were taught to be sincere to obey, but at the end of the day we realized that our lives is controlled by OIL, TWISTED PSYCHOLOGY on the HISTORY, and WRONGLY driven to support certain leadership for the so called POLITICAL PARTY, who…may be not having enough homework to meet their clients. First of all…

  1. How can the History of the Malays were from the “Parameswara”, when many of us realized that it was started as much earlier than that?and many were written and available in Indonesia? Have you asked the heritage family who are still alive in Muar Johor Malaysia? Trengganu Malaysia, or Trengganu Indonesia?
  2. Why is Khoo Kay Khim were appointed to lead the Historian whatever, after much debated that the Tanah Melayu should be taught and declared with at least a references from the Indonesia, simply because the skin color is the same. I don’t think that the Hang Li Po Princess agreed to become the Historian of Melayu automatically after she slept with the Raja Parameswara family ?? and of course she won’t because she will still dream of her ancestors in her sleeps? and scared of juggling between her own love to the Sze Chuan…Or, what IF a Dutch to be appointed as the independent Curator of the England’s History? But, Why here in Malaysia? Why can’t we have Parameswara family become the leader of the Malaysian Heritage Historian because they surely know what to dream for in time of historical dialogs started? You had been guinea pig? or a walking stick?
  1. Who is Parameswara that has two names?..when we already had much earlier version of the Royal Malay Kingdom that started long ago with the findings of human skeletons the Hobbits and the AEmbun in Maluku? so,
  2. Why is our Malay History being erased, twisted so that it leads to the new amendments and had became a STORY TELLING ABOUT that so called historical travels to the arrival of the China and the India, while the arrival of Portuguese is brought only at later stage? Is the Portuguese traveled the sea accrossed the Indian Ocean, or through the Straits, Channels to avoid them from the big waves?..Why Portuguese attacked Melaka? Why were all these twisted? What is the objective? Why many more note books and historical scripts are being kept in certain palaces in Malaysia and London?
  3. Why were there a scenario reported by the documentary that, the Tunku Abdul Rahman signed off the deal for Singapore to Lee Kuan Yew in just over a night, and without the consultation of the rest members of the local Tanah Melayu leadership that time?
  4. Who receive any money and where’s the money that many had said certain people are living on those payments and royalties OVER WHAT?
  5. Why British London took the lead to construct the Tanah Melayu into Malaysia even after Tunku and the gang dealt with them in London, without much informations on the scripts that has to be detailed down in the history book, unless one become serious researcher to enable them to understand for the researcher’s personal gain? Hey, After all, the BRITISH ABANDONED TANAH MELAYU DURING JAPANESE ATTACKS?
  6. Why many small controversies were held and orchestrated during the early Malaysia? and later the history is forgetting them?
  7. How is it true that the history is slowly to be forgotten and orchestrated that Malaysia is to have a new history of development in 50 years time? that so to be called a culture of Malaysia?

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If so, why it is being delayed? If so as it is what Malaysia need, why the racism in ethnics still exist? If so the racism is NOT exist, why the structure and the fundamentals of constructing that “Malaysia” that has to be “that Malaysia” as thy dream of, is still unclear or derailed from the foundations, basis of the First Original Amendments? Why the Politicians only think of their own benefits to gain from the ideas of the poor, using the clauses of MALAY in achieving their goals and political startgeies? Why not using the Hang Li Po version to sustain the economic or developing the fund and then to be announced and shared among the other ethnics? Why not the Indians is to be used in constructing the Malay Agenda? Why not the History that has been taught in schools is to be used as the essence of the foundations INSTEAD of the fight of Anwar Ibrahim, Mahathir, Lee Kuan Yew, Lim Kit Siang, Kirpal Singh and some other people, JUST to tolerate their wishes and see them grow at the cost of the commoners who were just BEING FED BEING FED BEING FED until ..” ONLY TO OBEY, ACCEPT and …TONG**** “.. whatever will be will be, or a saying “MALAYSIA BOLEH”..? Is it Going to be FOREVER?

To be a that “Tunku Rahman” to become the that “Father of Malaysia” does not mean that he is my father my fellow foreigner friends !! and the KING, who runs the Country by its terms when we the Malaysian are aware that “they are being appointed by the leadership who won the political party general elections, by virtue of this and that, being a symbol of Islam, who enjoys benefits after their hard work, struggles and achievement, that is now we Malaysian tried to passed on the experience to our children, minimum by getting married to them; while many unlearned foreigners had yet always believed that but only until they had readthat the KING and the Royals own Malaysia?

Chotto matte Kodasai. There are still many Heritage Family’s properties were taken by the local authorities, never been surrendered back to the claimants or their inheritance. This life is tough. But not as tough as to have a foolish leadership LESS-LISTEN to the crowds. WHO will change, WHO will go? When?


Now, Press This links < Lets go to real life politickings and leadership that were seen so unrealistic, they are:

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