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June 19, 2008


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    The Prime Minister should stay? in the airconditioned office until all matters are settled in time to hand over with an objective to properly return the management files that have all data and answers that shall meet the “DEMANDS OF PEOPLE”.

  2. The Former Premier Tun Mahathir? should be given the chance blogging to explain on the previous management that he had performed, in time to justify the present management.

  3. The Anwar Ibrahim should be allowed? to speak with his wife on the both above and should moved to open the gate with a sarong as an initiator, in time for fresh leaders to construct the people ambitions for the people.

  4. The Pak Nik should well aware? of the struggles of RUNNING the MOSLEM from that flying magic mat as to mobilize the Brave New World for Malaysia Moslem, locally and abroad.

  5. The PKR and Opposition leaders should realize? that their free-water existence because there is another party that they opposed, otherwise they are not exist; have we missed the tabloids? Look at this declarations. Are we facing the same Cat Mice Games?

  6. The people should realize that the INDEPENDENT PEOPLE AUDITOR should be established immediately before the people missed the boat and losing the facts after their father fled from home. Maybe Tun Daim is the correct person to lead? Where is he?

The Malaysians swallowed more paracetamol nowadays, stands for not all the above but for TOTAL REVAMPS change in parallel to Obama’s Campaigns that need to meet the new standards of management for the future generations, that NO NEED to be delayed until 2069, why not on September 9. NO ONE NEEDS that rotten TIKAR MENGKUANG to be passed on to future generations.

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The message is clear. Not many are satisfied with any father who failed to develop their children educations. For example, as of Today I decided to stop my second son’s education to the Kindergarten, because the cost of sending a child to kindergarten is equivalent to the cost of sending a teenager to matriculation college in Australia. Malaysia is the most expensive in term of maintaining a family in a proper WHO standards. Places, sittings for a FREE EDUCATION is actually limited ONLY to the people who knows the HEADMASTER or HEADMISTRESS at the school. Corrupt moves seeking sympathizers support for their leadership, has gained certain individuals while performing their ministry or department, again – to secure their post after they won the elections. Divorce by the wife against the husband were also depending on the JUDGES that she knows, she can select to go to which states that can file her wishes with the help of the lawyer that she befriended with in the name of former Minister Sharizat’s move to deny certain integrity in Islamic family-hood, and after the divorce and by no time, that woman the wife – will re marry to another man of her wishes, abandon the children under her former husbandMOTHERLESS. That is the Islam value that I had learnt after 45 years being called <..” hey dude I am a Moslem..” > .

My previous message were not read well. Or was it I wabblings-talking until the important point had been missed. Or you pretending not to understand? <ref: 7.How is it true that the history is slowly to be forgotten and orchestrated that Malaysia is to have a new history of development in 50 years time? that so to be called a culture of Malaysia?

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If so, why it is being delayed? If so as it is what Malaysia need, why the racism in ethnics still exist? If so the racism is NOT exist, why the structure and the fundamentals of constructing that “Malaysia” that has to be “that Malaysia” as thy dream of, is still unclear or derailed from the foundations, basis of the First Original Amendments? >

Returning back to the first para, and in REFERENCE to the interest of our partners majority Malayu Kampong-China Bukit-India Estet, I mirrored this issue as similar as to some are seen as a little kids who were just annoyed after getting informed by his father that he will not continue his kindergarten class anymore due to the increased cost of living, and after the declarations by their mother that the father is given the right to have his solidarity to run the country similar to President of a Republic of no Wife of no Royals of no neighbors? and later they run away and search for new man-to-be-husband, and that man, again another man are to be cheated.

To my ex-wives, I thank you for giving these kids being registered under my names, that I have to take the trouble to grow them – motherless, while you enjoying the fruits of our struggles when you need the freedom away from your family, I had saved your dignity, and I am being blamed – so lets see the new drama channels in Malaysia.

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