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June 19, 2008


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Political obituary of PM being written?

I refer to the above. Interesting but, Chotto matte Kodasai.
I don’t expect the next leaders who had gotten back ache and bad profiles to run the country. Bias. Favouritsim. The world don’t look at that no more.
Who is Barack Obama five years ago? Who is Yudiyhono 10 years ago? No one knows them. Yet we are still leaning on the piece of thoughts that is digested on the street-demos? without considering the fact that there are many more outside overseas there, who don’t have the chance to marry the daughters of nobody back home from their garndmother’s kampung? Or may be one of our MILITARY GENERALS who have been silent and not looked into?

While many had written on the next leadership, REMEMBER, one time a mistake is acceptable; BUT the SECOND TIME mistakes – YOU ARE STUPID. Go, review the making of the first Republic in Tanah Melayu that is “Melaka” during the Portuguese regime. Let’s Recheck, i.e. the Sabah and Sarawak.

Nowadays, even some Heritage Family members that originating from these tribes were willingly to accept the fact that they are now the commoners, it was only less than 50 years ago, it still not that far; they have been left out, abandoned. As they had lost their testimonies, burnt down the road of history that their glories had been replaced. But our mistakes is that later, much later, now, we are checkings on others wealth and amused with their wealth. I don’t have to explain further over these disagreements, but logical, I believe you Understand what I mean? Oh please, Why must we repeat the same mistake? Why we still Allowing the RABBIT climbing up the tree like the SQUIRREL? and later you will regret again that you make a wrong choice; AGAIN? YOU MUST BE STUPID ISN’T IT?

Remember? When the Kelantanese blame the monkey-BERUK who were paid to pluck the coconut, later they staged a demo, they do not want to pluck the coconut after much trained during that Sanusi Junid time, then the Ministry of Agriculture of Malaysia blamed the <MONKEY-BERUK in KELANTAN for being lazy? Or later just because the Rabbit cannot find the holes on that tree, we will blame our children for not listening to their father, WE CAN’T change the AFRICAN RABBIT to live in SAHARA desert my friend.

Looks like you are queuing booking another tickets to the Disneyland, together with the mother who abandon their child to the hand of the husband they divorced and left in lurch at home – again?

Hey, there are many more hyper super caliber better Malaysian who has high spririts over Malaysia but sulking, THEY ARE SULKING and living overseas, and tough that makes them understands the meaning of struggles and ambitioned to return, to serve, and the meaning of the “Republic of Melaka”.

Now is the time to invite them back and listen to them. All tea in the cups now, on the table in front of you, ARE STIRRED. Get Fresh. Cheers London. Cheers Jakarta. Cheers New York. Cheers Japan.


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