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June 20, 2008


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Oil prices slump as Saudi Arabia unveils output hike – Top Stories – MSN Malaysia News – News

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I read the above with interest.

As a small kid and brought up in a Moslem family, I started to learn about the Arab. I was thrown to read the Quran and about Mohamed. Then I thought Allah is also an Arab. I started to stand behind their struggles with the Palestinians and against the Israel. I started to befriend the people anything that has the connection with Arab as little as Minyak Attar from Arab. Arab is utmost. Admirations.

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As I grow up, I got the shock to know that Arab drinks beer, raping woman and womanizing the local people when they arrive and stay in our hotel in Malaysia. Further shock when I was told by my adopted father in USA who had asked me, why Islam destroyed their Jewish family hopes to become the final tribes to receive the final bless from the God. I was shock that he told me to go back to return to the Far East and asked me to bring the whole religions into 1, so that will not mess up the world with many religions and beliefs.

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As I grow older, I see many more Arab things. I saw free sex show by the Arabs and the fights that is not necessary to happen in the land they called Arab. I learnt more about Arab cheating me by asking me to divorce my wife and claimed that they are the decedents of Mohamed, but they never pray and becoming modern civilizations outside their country and becoming worse at the beaches etc. It was alright that until I allowed my ex-wife to ONLY go to work in Arab, that I believe that the Arab will provide secluded hostel for the women separating the man and women and the lifestyle as a strict Moslem. Until one day I saw pictures of my ex-wife in Arab that I don’t expect that to happen in Arab. I called the place of work, but the Arabs defended my ex-wife and ask me not to come to fetch my ex-wife, that I expect the Malaysia authority who claimed that this is a Moslem country, can assist me to rescue my marriage at least by not to allow my ex-wife then, to fall into the hands of non-Moslem in Arab. I don’t get any help and left me and the children in lurch. i lost my wife that later she showed that she divorced me who once had tried to rescue her from the illicit acts and non-muhrim relationships in Arab. Instead, I was blamed. I got an Arab neighbor in hijab, the husband is far away but the wife who left behind at home were also seen with another man inside her apartment when the husband not around.

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The oil issue had strike many worse, how can they use the gift that was entrusted to them and sell the produce at very high steep price. They received foods from the countries that is poor but they buy at cheap price, if ever a rice sold to them can go up as far as USD140 per kilo, I think many farmers will be as rich as them.

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I don’t see a point to have a friend in Arab. I deleted all my connections, contacts with the Arab. I throw off all jubah that symbolize Islamic like an Arab, and dress up like other ordinary people, until one can mistaken me for another. I have a theory that maybe during the Islam were introduced in Arab, many stories were made up to show the great and power of Islam, until they discovered the oil and abandoned the water business that was discovered by Hajar instead rushed for the oil that is near Madinah.

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I became more suspicious, even this is only a theory, but it is proven with the development of Dubai and Mekah with their boasting world creatures and finally free sex pornography are of Arabs.

Arab. I regret to have Arabs as friends. I regret to be associated with Arab.

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I challenge you the Arab to exchange this land and make them occupy the whole Indonesia and the whole Indonesia take over their lands in middle east.

How can God choose the most stupid people to lead the Islamic country and becoming the leader in Islam.

You Arab may have that Islamic essence, but you have lost the brains.

I, one of the billions in the world, I say I REGRET.

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This is my personal soul petition. Put the production and push the price back to USD10.0 per barrels. And surrender any of your property to the world and save the poor. CAN’T YOU SEE with your big eyes under your hijab?

THAT OIL DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU. Mohamed got it for you. By chance.

Anyone who agreed and sympathizes, please respond.

There are more poverty and Baby Boomers Phenomenon are not attended to.

Understand this message, the plague is coming to strike the whole world.

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