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June 20, 2008


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Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation

I read the above with interest.

The objective were to distinguish the two countries originated from the same blood and tribes, to separate the ideology that the Federated Malaysia were capable to run the country without the assistance of Indonesia, and to conform the request and terms by the non-locals especially from Singapore, that Malaysia is really independent from British, and away from Indonesia, with differences.

That’s why all plans were gimmicks, so separating the two nations further.

Similarly, the story on Kampung Geylang in Singapore; when the women were brutally murdered and chaos over Singapore. It was staged, as a reason for that Tunku Rahman surredered Singapore to LKY. If the Malaysia-Indonesia confrontation were not staged, that Bapak Soekarno were actually having another mission, that is to restore back the “ADIK KECIL” that is Tanah Melayu – the Malaysia; back into their folders, and return under the Jakarta’s administrations. <ref: Soekarno office and notebooks, Jakarta 2004>.

We are not that far from that history. Funny things is that now, Malaysian company are really striving to return back and investing in Indonesia, as the last hope for resources to continue living, after the current Malaysia seems being handed over to another anarchy. You can describe that. Lets be open in this, why not open the border back to Indonesia, after all they are already a Republic.?

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