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June 23, 2008


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Suara Orang Minyak Kepada Rakyat Malaysia « Suara Orang Minyak

I dedicate this to all original 16-members team who were in Iraq for PETRONAS, 1995. It has been for 13 years. Sorry.

Dear Author of the above. Dear Malaysian Citizen.

I write in the name of my mother and father, both deceased and this is a betrayal to the company that I love – PETRONAS and in the name of they must listen to others, and to benefit Malaysian Citizen as a whole, for being corrupted by any one lackasidle in business management of Petronas, that dragged politickings to benefit to one self in their political agenda, and destroyed many family hood that needs hopes from this country, and their former employer – Petronas. These hands which had contributed to you standing tall, named Twin Tower. We love you.

I declare that am not involve in any existing local political group, but I have my own believe – from the people, to the people. If anything happened after this, I will abandon the whole aspirations as “being born as Malaysian” and disappeared.

<< OIL had made every one Malaysian gone crazy. LETS cut this short.

This, I really hope the next few more days, within the period of this 60 days wish that I have bracketed, I will speak.

I am prepared and ready to furnish any info to any authority if needed, with interest to PETRONAS – Malaysia to rectify the corrupt image blown on this nation. Allow me.

PETRONAS. Sorry to my seniors and mentors. Sorry to all. Allow me.

  1. The Trading Department of Petronas should be investigated for the supplies. Their mice were created among themselves, they are the one the culprit who trade for themselves at outside the Petronas building during/after the lunch break, at the building site fronting the Twin Tower, throughout Kuala Lumpur, Asian and other countries.

  2. They should be capable to monitor the stocks for each next two years booking trading session, and over the open stock bidding platform worldwide, in the Internet.

  3. But why the price increased? Why the interest of the local is not protected? Why other countries are still maintaining balanced price?

  4. Datuk AAB and the family and other UMNO politician, please understand this area well, in the name of benefiting the people, as we know, and many are aware, and if necessary, to those that involve now, please leave.

  5. 10 cents USD is a lot per barrel per transaction commission, so why not? Foreign Traders and the culprits, please, in the name of the poor people, throw back the money to the people who own the BEST QUALITY oil in the world, that, your money is to help the people. PLEASE.

  6. RM5000 salary to compare with luxury lifestyle?over sales commission?which is unknown to Petronas, received through your own employer? When we developed the oil gas business for Malaysia and especially to PETRONAS, before we never thought of that, but..I am sorry, your days ended this week.

  7. We had succumbed to change our lifestyle since 1997.

I love Petronas, like an army listened to his CCO. Sorry Sir.

But, I am sad over these scenarios.

Sorry my friend in Petronas. I have spoken for the people.

Ko Yem Binjai.

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