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June 24, 2008


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Should the number of vote..“A government motion on price increases was approved with 129 lawmakers voting for it and 78 lawmakers opposing it, giving a temporary respite to the premier who is also battling a challenge to his leadership from within his own party…” ..gave a go for PM to run his plans,


the SAPP and ANWAR…plans to push no-confidence vote against PM..?

Full story is..By Jalil Hamid

  • KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysian Prime Minister Ahmad Abdullah Badawi won parliament backing on Monday for a government decision to sharply raise fuel prices, despite mounting public calls to quit over the measure.
  • Deputies of the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition closed ranks behind Abdullah as an opposition bid to turn a parliament debate on inflation into a no-confidence vote fell through.
  • A government motion on price increases was approved with 129 lawmakers voting for it and 78 lawmakers opposing it, giving a temporary respite to the premier who is also battling a challenge to his leadership from within his own party.
  • “They want to turn this into a motion of no confidence against the PM,” parliamentary affairs minister Nazri Aziz told reporters.
  • “But, the Barisan Nasional is united. There’s no question of Barisan Nasional MPs wanting to jump to the other side.”
  • Rising prices have become a thorn in the government’s side, with worries that growing public frustration might spill over into massive protests that could drive Abdullah from office. Protests have been scattered and limited so far.
  • Annual inflation hit a 22-month high of 3.8 percent in May and is set to rise further after a recent steep hike in fuel prices.
  • Investors have been rattled by the prospect of a change of government, which could stall Abdullah’s plans to reduce civil service corruption and reform the judiciary. Continued…end


Read word by word of the above report, undersatnd them, in between the line and the scenario over the last two weeks..


  1. How to be successful at passing a motion of no confidence, and expect the PM to step down, when yesterday’s was a FAILURE on the OIL price issue. SO..OIL important or Pak Lah position is more important..When opposition well aware that they are lesser than BN?
  2. Why Tengku Razaleigh aggravated THAT HE AWARES SOME SWITCH TO HAPPEN way before the thing really happen, and when the plans of SAPP were published, and Razaleigh also made announcement that there is something MONDAY to decide? But why he looked cool during the sittings.
  3. Why suddenly Anwar Ibrahim appeared but only allowed to whatever in 3 years Pak Lah going to stay until 3 years time, and Najib lost his chances? while Anwar said that he will put the issue of races away and promised that the OIL price to go down..(like the King of Mekkah said the same).. < and Iran project Petronas to proceed, and Iran Nijad’s said that the price hike because of there are abundance of oil on ship water are not sold, ..yet, and a plan to construct nuclear power with Iran technology in Malaysia as what Najib said..?
  4. Why opposition so stupid to pass the motion on oil matters when knowing that they are smaller than the BN..? Yesterday’s motion showed FAILED..IS THE OPPOSITION DO NOT WORK HARD ENOUGH TO try to better the decision? or this is staged DEMOCRATS to gain sympathizers attention?
  5. Therefore, the BN led anarchy is 100% SUPPORTING THE OIL INCREASE and PETRONAS VIEW were dismissed ? Why Khairy aggravated about the Petronas accounts but why he voted to support the BN oil price yesterday? AND BN dismissed the Commoners plight? by using Shahrir to say a reform in subsidy?
  6. ..WHERE ARE WE GOING TO TURN TO NOW..? in fact the price in Malaysia is more expensive than Indonesia ?
  7. WHY SAPP retire and the issue of ACA arrive at their door step ?..and they lose motion over OIL, and Yesterday’s plan to denounce PM were postponed ? Why they delay?
  8. .
  9. WHY JOHOR MILITARY CAMP MAJIDEE were removed last week while SAPP matters arrived? while KL and Sabah were pumping with OIL and political rift matters?
  10. WHY Pak Lah gone to JHOR BAHRU last month and claimed that is to get the support from the Johor UMNO, and
  11. SUDDENLY WHY the plan for the MAJIDEE CAMP take off without the briefing and agreement with the local citizen?
  12. Why Sultan JOHOR appeared such a hurry to look into the project to go on smoothly, while Iskandar Township is also being developed over the same KPRJ’s land? similar to Majidee Camp?
  13. Why Tengku Razaleigh pretending not knowing anything yesterday during the assembly but talk aloud about demotion over Pak Lah?
  14. Why Najib so quiet after returning from overseas, when Ku Li made preferences that Mahyudin Yassin to partner with him for next presidentship, after we knew that before Najib were elected by the TITIWANGSA the group of Mahyudin and Najib scrambles in the meeting at Titiwangsa, and denied the public, and showed they are buddies, but now why Najib ..
  15. By the way Why this Tun Mahathir disappear and quit, and where was he yesterday?..Why AAB look so nervous yesterday?
  16. Why SAPP said the 2 members were put on threat, IS THAT TRUE? I don’t think so..If true, why the POLICE don’t take action on the muggers. Surelyt that’s BN and who to responsible for BN?
  17. .




Hey, do you understand this..?


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