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June 24, 2008


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The Democrates Government of Malaysia shared by the BN and Opposition PKR’s had proved lackasidle in performing duty that involves mathematical questionnaires, estimations and judgments as an experienced leaders, as per yesterday’s 23.06.08 Parliament session which was broadcasted live over local channels.

  1. In reply to a question by the opposition leader LKS over an issue of a group of fishermen in his territory of concern, the Minister of Agriculture had smilingly replied that there are hundreds of millions to be spent on the fishermen and did mentioned about the questions that had been posted in the blogs. Those answers were not at all had met the questions as posted by LKS, moreover, as a prominent leader of the opposition party, LKS had touched over an easy defined issue over small group sampan fishing operators, by ignoring the fact that the issue of multi billions RM of funds for the fisheries that was said by the Minister of MOA – is however overlooked. Heroic for LKS and the MOA’s but it was not at all indulge the idea of streamlining the whole agenda of the budget per said by the Minister of Agriculture. There posed a polemic whether Malaysia is still at that level of dependency, mathematical errors in leadership that touching a small issue within an issue in this largely awaited parliament assembly.
  2. On the questions posted by a Kelantan lady Opposition and a component party leader from Ledang Johor over the shortages of supplies of goods and produces that not reaching and available at the stores in the village, the most criticized Minister Shahrir, had answered wabblingly and discontentedly with a proposal; in reference to solving the problem based on the agenda as stated 30 years ago, where there were retailers named Jimat Group which were publicly known had failed to serve the people – due to financial institution and political corruptions. Consistently for him, no doubt for being an old veteran politician, he looked liked unprepared with real-situation questions posted and answers, with less homework, instead wobbling yet boasting on the work of how he himself had done the night before the assembly – that he issued tickets and collecting fines of RM1500 during raids in his territory; then continued while promising the audience at home, that the process to solve the questions by the two members earlier, will happen and to be solved within a short such a red-taped-time. As yet to be seen, but many had proven it had failed. The questions were not answered fully as the Assembly Chairperson the Speaker had repeatedly checking on the time and disturbed the MP’s.
  3. While the PKR’s Selangor CM’s had posted a properly naked good question, but to an amaze that that question were supposedly an after-tastes addressed to be attended few years ago, which related to a minimum wage income gauge, but again, the answer given was not that brilliant yet to be consumed by the audience who had connected that live telecast – to all over the world private connections through home grown internet linked channels TV settings.

Hundreds of audience had voiced that they wasted their time to watch the MP’s in act and agreed that MALAYSIA PARLIAMENT DEFAULTED ACT OF CORRUPT MINDSET DEMOCRATES MPs.

They hope, better next time. Goodluck.

Propose on how to answer the Question within less than minutes :

  • Question 1/2 : As immediately the local agency of the authority in charge, or the army stationed at nearest point of rescue, to attend the issue by immediately deploy and rescue those poor people in need within less than 24 hours, instead of rumbling in words over 45 minutes.
  • Question 3: the answer should be the note is taken and to issue press statement by the evening, instead of KIV for further action.
  • Unless if those questions were not as urgent, then better to be addressed by fax machine or internet.
  • Or is it a staged drama?

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