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August 14, 2008

The 40 Years’ Journey Full Excerpt

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The non edited version was first published by the author originally in another blog belongs to him, if some could recall. It was a spontaneous write ups, and without editing, it was published. It scored 249 hits within less than 6 hours.., a thunder for a fresh world audience writer. The author turned back and try to understand what had really happened. It was read by the western, and a hit in Indonesia. …” I believe they were the Americans or English…”. So, we exported them here and named “Garisan Tebal Dalam Hati 7000 Tahun Lagi” which carry the meaning A Thick Lined Drawn in Heart for 7000 Years and re-do it under “d7000y” with a purpose to attract the local Malaysian, Eastern readers, so to let them understand the drama of a human struggles to surface within their community, out of poverty. But, the response from the locals seems poor. Hence we had decided to edit some of the English, hopefully with proper sentences, structures, words and re-publish the title as exact while maintaining the original expressions, in the the plots of the story as original as we could.

This story depicts a sulking moment of the author’s, with a heavy heart feelings towards the individuals and authorities who had destroyed his sincere intentions towards the people, to eradicate the poverty in the society he lived in; that had grounded him for almost two years at home, without having any connection to the outside world. This is a real story of a man. While we are editing the story, please go ahead with reading the above titles which is still available within.

The author is a very secretive person. This is only one part of the journey of that he had described. The other one, that goes along together with the journey is.. we believe that he had kept aside, for his eldest son, who is staying separately from him, but return visiting him once a while; after the local Moslem Syariah’s court placed him under the mother’s. We hope that you will keep on watching and give us the feedbacks. Meanwhile, you may tag the non-edited version of the story, which is currently, is kept under the d7000y title, so later will help you to re-check, or to re-write on the same story, but we also encouraged to be written with different perspective, not a comment but re-write while as the professional writer, and compare with the oncoming edited version soon. Good luck.

…So, He had presented. You translate. Please. However the story is actually derived from two parts, the journey of him; the human and the other is him understanding the animal. Both had been along, and both had their own story. The animal part is still in writings so as to keep the mood flows, and understandings of the author more than reading the story as – told in the blog.

Please wait for this link.. (read on) be activated for the oncoming edited version..thank you.

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