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August 24, 2008

Flush Project | Blogged

After Nalla Death Threat Statement

After Magnum 60 million Statement

After London Gay Statement

After Australia Wolfowitz Statement

After Myanmar Junta Drug Statement

After AKIM Riots Statement

After PR-Blogger Jailed Statement | Done 230908

After Gus Dur Blind Man Statement

After KYB’s on Petronas’ Statement

IS THIS your Final Weekend to be Cheerished?X

on 230908

almost a month after
the final weekend to be cherished
good luck to meet war
instead of ending beautiful life moments
at matured age
going to the mosque to prayer
ones has life path to choose
ones mouth path to smear
life path money cannot buy
a life with a handshake
with a pen and s.e.n.d. button
to havoc
other people life
to disturb other prodigy
reward shall return with truth
reality?..war is coming..
one in represents a many
a many in represents one
whats the difference?
the difference is
no others feel sum up to follow
to sleep share the pillow with him
because, other got their trophy already
because, other just realized that their color
and their name
should be changed from time to time
to be not get detected
to spur more fitnah and cowardly lagging pen
differing name but actual skin is differed
so, goes that one skin
the hero of that proclamation he THOUGHT
he thought he is heroic
others, while, clapping hands
there he are not the law
the reader,
you are not the law

come, isra’ mi’raj..
day of haevenly for moslem in ramdhan
ramdhan that moslem cherished and respect
but some,
their parents father mother never taught
to respect this fucking month
so that someone
instead of isra’ mi’raj with quran..
hmm..go hell in cell

where’s his leader?
even he, butt head..
who is your leader?

mine is at the quran.
see what we said.

that Quran had said.

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