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August 27, 2008

Tun Mahathir 2 | Blogged

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By Ko Yem BinjaiAuthor Profile Page on August 26, 2008 7:20 PM  London

Dear Tun,

26.08.2008 | I dedicate this to my Children.

I would like to place this info on your table, from the Malaysian Insider, as I picked up from the pieces earlier. See Below attachment.

But before that, so allow me to speak.

Tun, Putrajaya akan di kenang as your contribution to the country.

UMNO will be remembered as a party that agreed on the British terms.

I still remember the day when my late father, slammed the door as he entered the house after the Johor Perikatan Assembly, disagreed with the late Dato’Onn Jaafar. He instructed us NOT TO get involve with the politics no more. That was the last time, we watched him iron-up the white uniform, with the “kanji” and asked my late mother to hang them in the cupboard, attached on the medals and badges, and it was there, forever.

His spells, 20 years later, surfaced. Then another 20 years later. Now another 20 years later, which is today. My question is, Where are you Tun.?

My comment in your previous POSTING is clear and I stand by those words. Tun, UMNO is monumental, but, in the bloggosphere, name can be changed to become whoever anyone else, and believe it or not, without realizing these, being a Malay or Indian-Malay, or Chinese-Malay as Malaysian, the locals are still at large not scooping the ideas and factuals, that the force is oncoming from the West, is unstoppable – Malaya had actually failed to refrain the British or any powerful country to use us as their trading platform, squeezing our neck to the last drop of blood, but after all that’s what Malaysia had always wanted. Missing these facts, look at the replies you had always recieved Tun, no one, no one had ever critically cross examine your words, nor challenge the national security issue interest, that may jeopardise the next generation.

You had claimed Tun, that you will leave Malaysia, if ever that man wins P44. So, Will you?

Should we?join you and develop another Malaysia village out side Malaysia, maybe in Kalimantan?

Finally, before that | my stand is clear, that is, ONE man, who had destroyed the dream and sacrifices of many many thousands of Baby Boomers Malays Executive in their livelihood and familyhood, who had participated in the development of this nation with bare hands and less sophisticated tools with the instructions of the brothers in the cabinet between year 1980-2000, without hesitation to listen and adhere to the rules, but this ONE man, had destroyed the future of our children, because of that ONE man stands during his term as the Finance Minister in 1997, is the one that had won the kampong heart in P44 today, and he was, taken into the cabinet by UMNO who sheer denied the late Tun GBaba. Still, we hear no remorse, still we hear no apology. Still we hear other people who have no principles, still supporting that ONE man. TUN, Now, those Baby Boomers had suffered. Not all, but some were really stucked, and they keep the DENDAM. This story Tun, this political journey will never end. Next is not the P44, but, another generation that was developed by the Baby Boomer will appear. The generation who had seen their father in good life and happiness as new Malay Executive generation, and the children who had witnessed the change of the social status of their father, who had shared to sleep on the teak wood bed to the newspaper covered floor, THIS children will grow up and remember this Tun. That ONE man forgets this. Many other Malaysian had forgotten this. Tun, many Malaysian may not agree with this statement, but let me inform, Anwar and his followers struggles is not-relevant at all. Globally, and Malaysia itself, this Baby Boomers phenomenon is waving the thinking, to outsmart any polity that champion the nation currently. As much as Anwar had campaigned overseas, we had also followed him and you Tun, from the back, we track back, we had gone out of the country and had campaigned as well, not to the top leaders, but, to the younger generation of volunteers that involve in thousands of volunteer group throughout the world, whom later they may be become leaders in their own countries and to be able to help-leading our children of the Baby Boomer in Malaysia, who will grow into that just in time, to run the nation, soon. This is what will happen to Malaysia Tun. I promise you.

Regrets, to have seen the’Malaysia had became to this level of thinking, but, just because of ONE man, I refuse to mintak maaf jika saya sinis, but to any PKR followers, I tell straight talk here, you have that ONE man, who will destroy the rest of Malaysia, he had done the mistake, he repeated that at overseas, and he will repeat that again. I throw the ball to your hand now, catch it..

Even if I die Tun, my book is already on printing now overseas, my children, and thousands other children, will continue my struggles. Qada dan Qadar is not in the hands of God no more, its in the head of the God within..the Makrifatullah..

Good luck to Malaysia. Forget about Merdeka.

Anyway | Below, this is the feed from the Malaysian Insider. See how people write about their own country, or, does it written by a False Flag?

Regrets by KYB | this posting comments were not published in, read full posting by TM.

Scooped from the Malaysian Insider

Permatang Pauh: Winners and losers

AUG 26 Every election produces winners and losers. Here is The Malaysian Insider’s take on who emerged from Permatang Pauh with credit and who should hit the soul-searching button.


– Anwar Ibrahim The Barisan Nasional threw the kitchen sink and everything in it at him but by next sitting he will take his place in Parliament. This all but completes his rehabilitation from a political has-been 10 years ago to possibly the next prime minister of Malaysia. He now faces the near impossible task of persuading at least 30 BN MPs to cross over to Pakatan Rakyat and forcing the collapse of the Barisan Nasional by Sept 16. But for today at least he can savour the taste of victory. And yes, the debate on who should be the prime minister-in-waiting is over.

– Pakatan Rakyat For the past two months, there have been serious questions over the future of this alliance. Some Pas leaders seemed keen on joining forces with Umno, concerned that Malay rights and the position of Islam were being diluted in Pakatan Rakyat. DAP and Pas also disagreed publicly on who should be the prime-minister-in-waiting and squabbled over the spoils of Election 2008. Guess what? All the differences were forgotten as members of PKR, DAP and Pas descended on Permatang Pauh. They outwitted and outfought the formidable BN machinery.

– Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat When others wavered, the Pas spiritual leader stood firmly beside Anwar, campaigning tirelessly and defending the Opposition icon against the sodomy charge. By far, he was the single most powerful antidote against Saiful Bukhari Azlan swearing on the Quran that he had been sodomised by Anwar. He has emerged with reputation and image among PKR supporters burnished.


– Umno The charade is over. This is a party without spirit. This is a party without a leader. Ministers, deputy ministers and other senior party officials all campaigned in Permatang Pauh but it was more out of duty than anything else. There was no fire in their bellies. Some could not care less how Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah performed in the polls. They showed up in the constituency to canvass for support in the upcoming divisional elections in October. One former menteri besar, eyeing a top position in the party, holed up in a hotel and dished out cash to streams of divisional officials. This is a party made of politicians who are consumed with their own interest and completely detached from reality. This could be the beginning of the end of this once powerful party.

– The Barisan Nasional machinery There was a time when the Opposition used to shudder at the prospect of facing the formidable machinery, the women who used to campaign tirelessly from dusk to dawn, the men who braved the elements to tear down Opposition posters and ferry voters to the polling station. Not anymore. Dispirited, they just did the bare minimum in Permatang Pauh. In fact, it was the Pakatan Rakyat machinery which caught the eye. Their workers displayed the spirit of volunteerism which was once patented by the BN. How the mighty have fallen.

– Abdullah Ahmad Badawi He was not in charge of the BN by-election team but the president of Umno and the chairman of the BN will not be able to absolve himself of blame for this dismal showing. The unvarnished fact is that he has not been able to inspire his party or the ruling coalition since March 8. If his party workers are listless, it is because they do not see him as a general capable of galvanising the troops in the face of an enemy’s onslaught. If his coalition partners are feeble, it is because they do not see him as a leader capable of reviving the BN. In all likelihood, there will be calls for him to speed up the transfer of power.

– Najib Razak Without a doubt, the deputy prime minister is hurting. The uninterrupted stream of attacks on his character, his wife and allegations that he was involved with the murdered Mongolian model Altantuya Shariibuu have damaged him in the eyes of the public. His words once used to carry weight but now they ring hollow. His decision to swear in a mosque that he was not involved with Altantuya did not find popular support. Still, he remains best placed to take over from Abdullah. But he will need much repair to his image before he can claim to have the support of Malaysians.

– Saiful Bukhari Azlan He claimed it was a coincidence but his decision to swear on the Quran on the eve of nomination day that he was sodomised by Anwar does not look very clever now. A snap poll of 544 Malay voters by the Merdeka Centre painted him as a pawn in a political game. He should stay out of the limelight till the trial begins.


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1. Affirmative action by its very nature must involve discrimination.

2. Affirmative action is about correcting imbalances between groups. But in the process, the interest of individuals would have to be sacrificed. It is unfortunate for the individual concerned but if no one’s interest is to be sacrificed then corrections cannot be made. The status quo would remain and this would mean there would be no affirmative action. Simply said, no corrective action would be possible unless there is some discrimination against someone.

3. Golf is a great game. But like other games the poorer players would be given handicaps. Otherwise golf would be very boring as the good golfers win every time.

4. In boxing we cannot match a heavyweight against a lightweight. The latter would be hammered to a pulp.

5. In horse racing the lighter horse would carry weights so that the race is between evenly matched horses and riders.

6. Globalisation has been promoted by the rich countries.

7. The essence of globalisation is open borders or a borderless world. With this, the rich and the well-endowed will have unrestricted access to the countries of the poor in order to exploit them. Of course the poor can have access to the rich countries too. It sounds fair. The playing field seems to be level.

8. But what will certainly happen is that the rich will go into the poor countries and with their capital, their managerial skills, and their technology, would overwhelm the people in the poor countries with their small businesses, limited skills and limited capital.

9. The end result would be that the poor countries would effectively be owned and exploited by the rich countries and the local people would be mere workers in the big enterprises of the rich, earning a pittance for themselves. Essentially colonisation of the poor by the rich would again take place.

10. But the rich countries will claim that the people of the poor countries are free to do business in the rich countries, buy over the banks, the industries and anything they like. But they know and we know that it would be impossible for the people of the poor countries to do this.

11. This is why the WTO has been rejected by poor countries. The people of the poor countries know they cannot compete; know that in the end they would be colonised. They are not being selfish. It is simply that they want to exploit their wealth for themselves.

12. Effectively the poor countries want to discriminate in their favour by rejecting the borderless world of Globalisation. Exploitation by the rich would most likely enrich the poor countries. But they would rather be poor than be exploited.

13. We take the relative peace and stability in our country for granted. But look at other multi-ethnic countries. In most cases the indigenous people, if given power would not just discriminate against what they consider to be non-indigenous people but would want to expel them. Look around us and you will understand what I mean. Look at the Tamils of Sri Lanka, and the Indians in Burma. There are other examples which I will not mention here.

14. But the indigenous people of this country actually welcome the non-indigenous and expressed their willingness to share the wealth and the opportunities that this great country has to offer between them. But the sharing must be fair. That was the kind of sharing our founders agreed upon. The Malays would not have agreed if in this country they would be reduced to being the hewers of wood and drawers of water.

15. When the sharing did not really take place, the anger lead to the 1969 race riots.

16. Following that our wise leaders from all the communities agreed on how to carry out the sharing. They agreed on what is basically affirmative action. They agreed that they would eradicate poverty irrespective of race and that there should be no identification of race with economic function.

17. It is only a small sacrifice. But the peace and stability that came with the NEP had enriched the country which in turn had contributed towards peace and stability even during the recession caused by the financial crises. We know that racial riots occurred in other countries at that time. Contributing to the fairness of the NEP was the decision that discrimination should not be by expropriation of what already belonged to others but through the distribution of new wealth and opportunities. Thus, the sense of deprivation would be reduced.

18. But even when the discrimination is to be based on growth the rich would still feel a sense of deprivation because they cannot get all the wealth and opportunities that they believe they were qualified for.

19. If contracts or licences or permits are to be given out why should someone less qualified get them when they, the qualified could make better use of these things.

20. In the case of university admission and scholarships, why should someone less qualified get admitted when the better qualified cannot.

21. So even when the corrective action is based on new opportunities and wealth and not by expropriation of what is already in the possession of the rich, there would still be a sense of deprivation by the richer communities.

22. Accepted that the richer communities also have poor members among them and the New Economic Policy’s first prong clearly proposed poverty eradication irrespective of race, the fact remains that there is more poverty among the poorer community than among the richer communities.

23. If we eliminate poverty among the rich without regard to the level of poverty, then the richer community would be rid of poverty while the poorer community would still be saddled with extensive poverty.

24. Today we have reduced poverty to 5 percent. If we care to do a study, we will find that the majority of those still under the poverty line would be from the deprived community.

25. Still, despite the alleged discrimination, our poverty eradication is regarded as being very successful. It is nearly impossible to find hard core poverty among the better-off race in the urban areas. There are more in the rural areas.

26. Fifty years is a short period in the history of nations. We have not reached menopause yet. In fact we are in our youth still. Whether we succeed to overcome our present difficulties depends on us. If we fail, pointing fingers will not save us.

27. I will readily admit that the NEP had been abused. But we are so ready to blame that we pick on the wrong target. Of course the way the affirmative action was carried out, and the abuses, were picked on by the opposition to condemn the whole policy.

28. UMNOputra, like cronyism, was a word invented by politicians and the detractors of this brash country which dared to thumb its nose at the powers that be. Unable to condemn blatant corruption as they do to other countries, they came up with cronyism and UMNOputra. When there is real cronyism and corruption they deliberately ignore them because these are committed by their favourite people.

29. Before making these criticisms against the affirmative action of the NEP, why not make a real study. Are most of the Malays getting the scholarships and entries into the universities the children of UMNO people? If they are, why was it necessary to have the Universities and University College Act to stop students from demonstrations against the UMNO-led Government? How did the doctors and lawyers in PAS get their education? Are the students all from rich families with connections?

30. I will be the first to admit that there have been abuses in the promotion of business among the bumiputeras. Given opportunities, given licenses, permits, contracts etc, they disposed these for immediate gains. This frustrates the efforts to help them. Some degree of abuses may be excused but the degree of abuse of the opportunities created by the NEP is far too much. They cannot all be excused.

31. I also admit that there has been unfairness in the award of scholarships and Government jobs.

32. I will not try to defend these abuses. We must try to reduce them. But affirmation is about discrimination. And those discriminated against will never understand the big picture, the benefits of an increasingly egalitarian society.

33. The Malays must accept that this discrimination cannot be forever. If they fail to respond properly to what is being done for them, they should accept this policy would be taken away.

34. When Malay youngsters, especially boys, failed to study and qualify for university education, when they preferred to play and not study, we cannot expect the non-Malays to patiently wait and give up their opportunities until the Malays decide to become serious and study. That would not be fair.

35. That was why we introduced merit in the selection of students for the universities. Unfortunately, the implementers of Government decisions chose to interpret it differently. By requiring Bumiputeras to sit for the matriculation and the non-Bumiputeras to sit for higher school certificates, they managed to give the impression that the Bumiputeras were actually better qualified than the non-Bumiputeras. With this, the intention of the Government to make the Bumiputeras become more serious about their education failed.

36. There is a tendency among Malays to regard the discrimination in their favour as a privilege, as a recognition of their superior status. I think this is wrong. The discrimination is in order to give them a kind of headstart so that they can catch up with other races. To me, it is shameful to have to be protected because we do not have the capacity to compete. We are not Red Indians to live on reserves. We should regard it as a temporary expedient to be done away with once we have achieved the capacity to compete on our own.

37. However, we must give time for ending the NEP and it should be done in stages. I hope that the time will not be too long. In the meantime, serious efforts by the Bumiputeras must be made to avail themselves of the opportunities. If this is obviously not being done, then, as with entrance into the universities, the discrimination must end.


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Salam Tun…proud of you…forever.

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Kami sentiasa bersama mu.

salam che det

cant wait for permatang pauh results and ur reactions and predictions for the future

i support you all the way!!!

like i said….malays must stand up with their feet. the action must take place now or we never gonna stand up again.


Anwar Ibrahim terburu-buru inginkan jawatan Perdana Menteri dengan menabur macam-macam janji-janji yang boleh menggugat orang Melayu. Jangan fikir orang tidak akan tuntut janji-janji dia. Malaysia sudah mengalami pembangunan yang pesat jadi pemimpin yang diperlukan adalah pemimpin yang berfikir jauh ke hadapan, bukannya yang hanya pandai berjanji itu ini ataupun yang mengambil tindakan popular yang baik untuk karier politiknya sahaja. Sedarilah Malaysia dikenali sebagai sebuah negara Islam di seluruh dunia dan ini menyebabkan AS yang ditunjangi orang Yahudi akan berusaha habis-habisan untuk menguasai kita. Sekarang sudah nampak dengan jelas Anwar Ibrahim la orang tersebut. Bagi yang Islam kenangkanlah apa nasib Saddam Hussein yang dahulu disokong AS semasa Iraq berperang dengan Iran…Semoga takdir akan menjauhkan Malaysia daripada diperintah oleh pemimpin yang disokong AS kerana akhirnya negara tercinta ini bakal hancur dan dirampas kemerdekaannya…

Ada ramai lagi yg tak faham konsep ini tun. Lebih2 lagi penyokong puak kiri… Semuanya salah. Belum kita terangkan dah salah. Jangan kata bahasa seperti post Tun ini mereka nak faham, cakap bahasa kedai kopi pun tak paham. Memang tak makan saman kot dia org nih?

salam tun..
i’m the 1st..
harap tun kembali ke pangkuan UMNO..


You said, “When Malay youngsters, especially boys, failed to study and qualify for university education, when they preferred to play and not study, we cannot expect the non-Malays to patiently wait and give up their opportunities until the Malays decide to become serious and study”.

Now, let’s look at the latest World University Ranking:

Universiti Malaya dropped from 192 last year to 246 this year, USM from 277 to 307, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia from 182 to 309, and Universiti Pertanian Malaysia from 292 to 364. However, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia made it into the top 500 for the first time, at 415.

Assalamualaikum Tun,

Good to read your another article again

Salam Tun..

Selamat Menyambut Merdeka and Bulan Ramadhan…

Like always… another wonderful blog from u…

sometime people just don’t understand…


Assalamualaikum Tun,
Terima kasih diatas penjelasan yang cukup jelas..pada pendapat saya Tun mesti menjadi penulis dimana-mana media cetak utama agar penulisan Tun yang sangat berharga ini dapat dihayati oleh seluruh rakyat Malaysia..semoga Tun sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah s.w.t.

YABhg Tun,

I feel that the impending WTO that Malaysia is currently negotiating will have a destructive effect IF it is not handled properly. We should not let oursleves be dictated in any way to follow the west’s propaganda.

The NEP needs to be reinvented. Proper dissemination of information and explanation on its original goals need to be inculcated from the young.

Dengan izin Tun,




Thank you.

Semoga Tun dalam keadaan sihat sentiasa.

Assalamualaikum Tun,
Very good explanation, however the detractors will never agree. You have said it many times over, this time I will say it again for you, “wake up Bumiputras !”
Thank you,

YABhg Tun,

semua orang dok fokus kat permatang pauh sampai lupa nak tgk website Tun. Bagi saya, NEP adalah sesuatu yang amat-amat penting untuk dikekalkan di negara kita, terutamanya memandangkan masyarakat Melayu masih belum mencapai tahap yang setaraf dengan bangsa lain. Cumanya dasar tersebut perlulah diperhalusi bagi memastikan ianya lebih adil dan kelemahan2 yang ada seperti unsur-unsur kronisme dapat dibendung. Pastinya ada cara, cuma Kerajaan sekarang kena fikir dengan mendalam apa formula terbaik. Masalahnya Kerajaan masa ini terlalu sibuk dengan perkara2 yang tak penting.

The people has spoken and chose BN to rule the country. Jadi, BN sebagai pemerintah pergi la buat kerja yang diamanahkan untuk membangunkan negara, jgn sok sibok berpolitik. PR pun begitu juga, ramai yang dah pilih mereka sebagai pembangkang dengan mjoriti lebih besar, jadi pergi la buat kerja mereka sebagai pembangkang yang sihat dan kotakan janji2 yang ditabur dinegeri2 yang mereka menangi. Lagi 5 tahun lawan balik.

Ini nak cakap pasal cross-over, nak bentuk kerajaan cara rompakan begini saya tak setuju. Kalau ada calon2 nak cross-over baik dr BN atau PR, buat by-election, biar rakyat pilih balik siapa yang mereka mahu sebab rakyat memilih samada parti dan/atau personaliti.

Kami rakyat2 yang kerdil dah letih dgn polemik politik baik dr BN atau PR!!

Salam Tun Dr.Daddy M,
Wat can I say,..heheh..dis is so far d simplest article sum up about being fair & justice for all in a multi-racial country like Malaysia.. thnx again Tun Dr.M for opening up our mind n tots.. May Allah blessed u wth gud health & strenght..(,”)



This is a very good article and once again you have shown your maturity in statemanship.

The only effective way for Malays to catch up is to force them to go into the ‘deep end’ of the swimming pool. Then they will learn how to swim. Pampering them as the Govt have done over the years will not help them. In this respect, we can compare the Malays leaving in Singapore and overseas (UK, Europe) with those in Malaysia. A similar trend can also be seen in the Chinese. If we compare the Chinese in Malaysia and the Chinese in China, it would appear the Chinese in China are more “hardworking”.

The Malays have always been inferior to the hardworking Chinese. We can see this in the Olympics, in sports and what more in business. For a Malay to be successful, he must first feel angered by this like I have. Then he will want to work hard and try to emulate the Chinese and finally to beat him. I admit I have tried this way and to beat a Chinese at their game (e.g. in business or sports), is very difficult in this country especially when you suddenly find your own Malay race wanting to take you down.

On another note, there are a few Chinese who have squandered like Eric Chia and Lim Guan Eng. I am surprised at Lim Guan Eng. I am surprised he gave a public holiday to Penang just for Permatang Pauh election which cause a bigg loss to Penang. This is irresponsible.

Dengan izin Tun,

Dear Government of Malaysia and also Minister of Information, Shaberry Chik (who keeps tab of this blog almost on daily basis).

It would be highly beneficial for all if the govt or the information ministry do the said study as proposed by Tun in this article (para 29). This is the 2nd time (I think) that Tun had mentioned about this study.

This study (on the effects and affects of the NEP)should be done ASAP so that any confusion can be laid to rest. The longer the wait, the more criticisms will be thrown at the govt on this very policy it has promoted since 1957.

Thank you.

Saya setuju dengan tulisan Mahathir kali ini. Melayu harus baca dan faham tulisan ini, bukan hanya terpekik terlolong mempertahankan sesuatu dasar yang jelek di mata bukan Melayu tetapi Melayu sendiri perlu sedar bahawa tanpa kesedaran dan usaha sendiri, dasar yang macamana sekalipun takkan merubah nasib.

Dasar yang dibentuk perlu untuk mengimbangi kedudukan antara bangsa dalam negara, tetapi perlaksanaan tidak seperti yang di impikan, banyak penyalahgunaan dan penyelewengan. Bila ada beberapa kerat yang menentang atau menolak dasar ini kini, ada yang sanggup bermatian mempertahankannya walaupun dia tidak pernah menghargainya dahulu malah mengambil kesempatan atas dasar berkenaan. Bagi yang pernah menikmati nikmat dari dasar ini pula janganlah menafikannya pula.

Ada yang masih kurang faham apa itu ketuanan Melayu, tetapi apakah bangsa Melayu masih perlu dengan ketuanan ini? Mengharapkan ketuanan saja tidak menjamin sesuatu bangsa itu berjaya, itu sekadar pendapat peribadi.

Salam TUN,

Diharap mereka yang dipertanggungjawab menjaga kepentingan dan hak Melayu (para pemimpin Melayu dari parti mana sekalipun )dapat memahami apa yang tersurat tapi pada pendapat saya, masalah utama adalah mereka yang menentang bukannya tidak faham tapi lebih kerana didorong kepentingan politik. Kononnya merekalah jaguh memperjuangkan hak2 asasi manusia. Walaupun dalam diri, mereka sedari mereka juga adalah hasil produk DEB.

Diakui juga terdapat banyak kelemahan dari segi pelaksanaan tapi BUKANNYA dari segi dasar. Setiap kelemahan yang digembar gemburkan itu kebanyakannya adalah kelemahan manusia, MAKNANYA, kita boleh saja perkenalkan seribu satu dasar baru yang serba lengkap, tanpa cacat cela tapi akhirnya, manusia juga yang harus melaksanakannya. Dan di sinilah masalah yang sama akan timbul juga.

Sama juga dengan segala undang2 trafik baru yang mahu diperkenalkan ( lari topik sikit, saja je…geram), kita punya terlalu banyak undang2 tapi takde makna nya kalau tidak ada enforcement. Tak perlulah nak perkenalkan undang2 baru kalau sikap kita masih sama. Lainlah kalau setiap undang2 baru itu melibatkan kos berjuta2..barulah faham.

Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

Well said ayahanda, this is what the malaysian people should understand but what to do due to our current Flip Flop govt. everything became so uncertain….

I really hope that you will come back and save all of us ayahanda..Anwar is the man who already started to destroy our beloved nation…there is more to come…



Semoga Allah merahmati Tun sekeluarga. Amin

Assalamualaikum Tun..
Semoga Tun sekeluarga berada dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera.
Saya nk tanya pendapat Tun,jika anwar ibrahim mng permatang pauh election hari ini & akn masuk parlimen dlm ms yg tdekat..adakah paklah akan mempercepatkan masa peralihan kuasa kepada najib atau dia akan tetap tunggu hingga 2010?

Buat malu ja jd PM tp negeri seniri jatuh kt pembangkang..

Laporan terkini Pilihanraya Permatang Pauh !



Salam Dr M

We experience withdrawal symptoms for the past few days.

This article is a sincere and heartfelt view of a Malay in Singapore – an interesting read …

Thanks for your opinions.

Dear Tun,

Maybe we should all become apart of United States since Red Indians live better off.

This is practically a losing battle for the NEP supporters. The Malays are now split because of Anwar. While the government is too weak to even explain NEP clearly like how you explain it to win the heart of the non malays.

Another point, there was a question raised in Parliament recently as to what benefit is MARA to the non Malays. None of the MPs could actually defend. I was sad.

The greatness of MARA is that it is able to produce more dynamic and open minded malays that would enable them to be better off than what they are today. By becoming so, they will indirectly help the non malays since these open minded malays will eventually become independent and in return be more receptive and help their non malay friends

proud of you..
but the current gov stil lack of everything
yet tey still dreaming

mimpi yg panjang dan mengerikan melayu sekarang
kita sudah tiada jaminan
cuma pak lah kata….
ikut suka hati dia lah…

kau lena pak lah

Salam Tun,

well said Tun well said. i hope the lazy malays will change their priorities upon reading this. with that said, im pretty sure most of them wont be reading this blog as internet is still alien to them. i hope this will change soon of course.

to be honest, i have been ashamed of carrying a malay blood in me. this is becuz everytime my chinese friends get to noe, to their surprised that im actually a malay mix, there is somewhat a disgust expression made on their face. i never blame them as i understand that most of the malays that they have came across are either mat motors when they are driving on the road or filthy rich malay kids whose father is well connected.

i myself hardly seen any hardworking malays around. with the exception of female malays. this has got to change!!!!


yup…i agree with u…we must give time for ending the NEP and it should be done in stages…

melayu semakin bergelora

teruskan terukkan mereka..
dia masih lena….tak tau siapa yg mampu kejutkan mereka

Salam Tun,

Hangat di Permatang Pauh sekarang ni.. saya sejak seminggu lalu menunggu posting dari Tun, Alhamdullilah akhirnya ada juga hari ini.

Salam mesra,


Assalamualaikum Tun.

NEP kena dera?

Pertaruhan bookies malam ni kalah.BN menang.

Mesti ramai bookies.Perniagaan yang tak perlukan NEP.

Terima kasih Tun.

marila bersatu wahai orang melayu

Your commments and writting are good. They should take your advice in growing Malaysia. With your experience, Malaysian will get better benefits.

Watch us out, we are growing stronger – Become our members now !

Hi Tun,

It has been a while I didn’t comment on your blog…
Anyway, about this topic….Affirmative Action is good to get the other minority or other group that is disadvantage in terms of economic to be on par with the ‘best’. Just like in the US and other Western countries, they do practised some form of affirmative action.
Long-term wise, as we can see today a lot of abuses which resulted the NEP to be highly critical by certain groups. The NEP really needs to be tighten so that only the deserve group gets the aid and support.
The Malays and other Bumiputeras eventually must stand on their own especially with the Vision 2020 taking place in about 12 years from now. Clock is ticking fast!

Dear & Salam Tun,

I’ve read many of your previous articles and never had the interest to provide feedback either because my being too critical of you or your previous administration.

Even being critical, my admiration of you and the little knowledge that I have of how you think, has never faded.

Never that I believe, a true and real statesmen would not gain personally from its power, but however I do believe that their ultimate mission is to assist the nation to face and be prepared for challanges ahead.

Thus, by far..this article is the best. And I would like to wish you thank you as it has given me a broader perspective to carry on with lifes in this country we love.


My drearest Tun,

Yet again another superb comments of yours to read and again 110% agreeable with you.

Sad to say while driving back home from office (40km in distance) I did not see a single car with Malaysian flag on it. Merdeka day is just barely 5 days to go nor i noticed shops hangging Malaysian flags.

We have spoke many times that serious and immediate measures need to be taken to improve present government, country’s security and economy. Where are we heading ? Nobody knows….. UMNO leaders, why wait any longer ? We need a Hang Jebat here.

The other Abdullah.

Salam Ayahanda Tun Dr.M,

Yet again a good write-up from you. Thank you and please keep on writing. Truly through your writing Malaysian would be educated in field a lot of them don’t really understand. Of course some of them just do not want to understand.

I do believe that Malaysian in general do tolerate towards each other and most of them know that somehow or rather there are needs for affirmative action to ensure economic parity and harmony in the country.


“That was why we introduced merit in the selection of students for the universities. Unfortunately, the implementers of Government decisions chose to interpret it differently. By requiring Bumiputeras to sit for the matriculation and the non-Bumiputeras to sit for higher school certificates, they managed to give the impression that the Bumiputeras were actually better qualified than the non-Bumiputeras.”

To be frank, I have never realised that Tun is aware of this as it actually created a sense of false superiority for those students which went through matriculation. Although the scores obtained by the Matrics students were far higher, it was never the true reflection of the results.

With this, I really hope that there is a single examination to measure the performance of students pre-university. Then this is only Merit by name and practice.

Hi Tun,

I totally agree with what you have said. But the time to end privileges should have been well publicized so that the Malays would have known that its time is running out and that in itself would have created a kind of pressure on the Malays to get their act together. But the problem is that UMNO Youth or the Bumiputra Congress keep coming up with statements of lengthening and even increasing the quotas as a birth right of the Malays. Thats why the Ketuanan Melayu has also been floated around. This guys have no intention of giving up the privileges. They want them as a birth right forever, period!

Dear Tun,

Absolutely a brilliant piece.

May I add..

1. To enter universities, malays love to depend on quotas. To enter postgraduate studies, there is no quota -purely by merit BUT still there are trainee lecturers position that enable the malays to join even when there are others with better qualifications. To go abroad for subspecialisation, there is completely no quota because in the real, international world only merit matters. This is when malays fall. Some fall hard on their faces.

2. Malays are not stupid.

3. We do not have to forever depend on government quotas and assistance.

4. We need to realise that good command in English language is essential to survive.

5. Mastering English language will never make us less malay and less patriotic.

I am a Malaysian chinese and I understand that sacrifices has to be made to create the balance between the races to achieve peace and stability.

NEP has helped a lot in restructuring the society and I wish to convey my sincere thanks to the leaders who has the vision and courage to implement this corrective policy

(courage as it is not easy to tell millions of chinese that the country is going discriminate them)

(vision as in the ability to foresee the devastating consequences had the NEP not been implemented ie: racial riots )

1. I strongly felt that my tax money are not spent wisely. Who is accountable to MRR2?? Roof leakage?? Toll??

2. Many ideas and policies formed by our fore farthers were noble and with good faith. The problem lies with the interpretation and the executioner i.e. the UMNOPutras.

3. Also, to make matter worst, the current leaders lead by AAB were not capable at all. Many feel good annoucements but is our economy that strong? Really?

4. We have already lost an island. If there is no change in the current govt, i’m afraid many or our other properties will be gone in no time …. Iskandar Johor??

5. Not that i’m a pro DSAI but maybe he could make the difference. This would definitely bring in a jolt to the UMNOPutras. They have to redefine themselves….you don’t need to shout “Ketuanan Melayu”. Respect should be earned!

5. It is not about Malay, Bumi, Kadazan, Indians, Chinese, etc competing each other. It’s about how we, as a Malaysian, work together and compete with the rest of the world. The racial issue must be stop!

6. I would love to see the current singular political party be dissolve (UMNO, MCA, MIC, PAS, etc…) and instead, represented by a multi racial party to be governed by nationalism – for the good of the country and it’s people.

Good luck, Malaysia!

At last you have come to your senses.If only we had given the non Malays all the privileges, today the Malays would have been far better and our nation would have been a leading nation in the world.It is not too late now.Disband everything and give the nonmalays the right of the citizen.Abdullah is trying but the fanatic malays still hold the fort.

Apa kata Tun telah menjalankan prinsip perkauman di Malaysia
sehingga membawa bencana kepada BN?
Apa kata kalaulah Melayu tidak dapat menerima perubahan global … apa akan jadi?
cuba lihat video clip ini

I am happy that you recognize that discrimination will happen if you are to prefer someone over something. Your article is basically what I said not too long ago in one of your posts and it is indeed very heartening to hear such truthful words from a leader like Tun. NEP will continue as long as we can see progress being made but it will have to eventually be abolished in the distant future even if the equity pie is not reached.

Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
i’m glad that Tun raise this comment out and i hope that this approach will raise awareness among this society. Though it’s Malaysia but i think it doesn’t mean that other races should be discriminate. 😀



Yang di hormati lagi di sayangi Ayahanda Tun dan Bonda Siti Hasmah

Seperti selalu,telah benarlah akan perkataan ayahanda Tun.Melayu perlu berusaha dengan sepenuh tenaga sementara kesempatan masih ada.
Kesempatan itu tidak akan dapat bertahan lama dan pada suatu hari ia nya akan sirna juga.
Di situ lah kelebihan ayahanda Tun,melihat sesuatu dari WIDER ANGLE.Begitu lah ayahanda Tun yang selalu PRIHATIN akan bangsa nya sendiri ,akan tetapi bangsa nya sendiri TIDAK PRIHATIN akan perancangan ayahanda Tun.
Semoga Ayahanda Tun dan Boinda selalu berada di dalam limpahan Rahmat ALLAH SWT

Alif Lam Mim


Dearest Tun,

Spot on sir!! I agree 110% with you on this. Hopefully in the next writing, the stages can be outlined roughly. Thank you in advance.

Best regards and wassalam.

Dearest Tun,
Wonderful article for all of us to ponder about. Alas your good intentions have been abused by the implementors of the government policy during your administration. The policies should be fair to all races as rightly mentioned by your good self (refer Article 153)

Salam Tun Dr. Mahathir,
We understand the good purpose of affirmative action, anything if abused with the wrong intentions and objectives with become a drawback itself, it’s a double edged sword.
We can see how some people can do good things that benefits the country with the same method and power while some merely fight for their own interest.
Sadly this is what happened to our own country in the moment.
It’s not the matter of which party should lead Malaysia anymore, it’s who can lead Malaysia back to the glorious days where we can proudly claim ourself as proud Malaysian, a peace and prosperous country. Do you agree with that?
The current obviously is not the better choice anymore, we see no good future that benefits all of us, regardless of race and religious.
We should really look into the matter without prejudice.

Salam Tun Dr. Mahathir,
We understand the good purpose of affirmative action, anything if abused with the wrong intentions and objectives with become a drawback itself, it’s a double edged sword.
We can see how some people can do good things that benefits the country with the same method and power while some merely fight for their own interest.
Sadly this is what happened to our own country in the moment.
It’s not the matter of which party should lead Malaysia anymore, it’s who can lead Malaysia back to the glorious days where we can proudly claim ourself as proud Malaysian, a peace and prosperous country. Do you agree with that?
The current obviously is not the better choice anymore, we see no good future that benefits all of us, regardless of race and religious.
We should really look into the matter without prejudice.

Aslkm Tun,

While I agree with what Tun said 100%, can we assume that the non bumiputera will be fair to the Bumiputera once the NEP is abolished and the politic and economy is controlled by non-Bumiputera bearing in mind to what happens to the Malay in Singapore? Is this not in line with the concept of “Bangsa Malaysia” as advocated by certain people. Would Tun not agree that because of the racial, cultural and religious diversity between the Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera makes it necessary to have some sort of permenant regulation to control the distribution of the economy and the control over politic similar to that the NEP and the BN and PR concept respectively?.


Salam Tun,

You understand the game so well.I want to stand on my own two feet as I do not feel intellectually inferior to any other races.Economically,perhaps…but I will make sure me and my children will strive to be successful in all our undertakings.



for the first time in a long time, you are making sense Tun, and i am happy to say that i agree with your frank assessment of the situation.

Apa nk jadi dengan orang melayu, makin berpecah

Shazrim Sharif
UiTM Kedah

36…..The discrimination is in order to give them a kind of headstart so that they can catch up with other races. To me, it is shameful to have to be protected because we do not have the capacity to compete. We are not Red Indians to live on reserves. We should regard it as a temporary expedient to be done away with once we have achieved the capacity to compete on our own.”…

Salam Yg Bhg Tun and all,

How can the Malays regard their benefits as ‘temporary’ when they have been too complacent and believing that the benefits are there to stay forever, thinking that there would be no other group or race dare to challenge their rights?
The real headstart for the Malays is when they are being stumped by the others and when all their rights, their lands, their dignity being ripped off them.

Dear Tun,

It is true that one would be able to see a clearer picture when you are an outsider. I would be glad if the government will elect you as a senior minister, or at least as one of think-tank members for the government. Since the racial integration is so crucial for the progress of a country, something need to be done. We can’t hope for NEP which not only failed to bring up more successful Malays,and to stay on for another 50 years before given up in them. As this is not so important as how much it will affect other races, but it will further impaired with economical growth of our country for the next 50 years. We are far behind our neighbour, Singapore who are less fortunate than us without any natural resources or land for plantation. Why this is happening? This is not because our leaders are not as smart as those in Singapore, but poor management of our own wealth. How sincere are we when we are talking about equalization of wealth shared by all Malaysians? Based on the comments above, i am very sure all Malaysians are much willing to see this happening. I don’t think the Malays will protest if someone from other races can help them to bring up their race. As a nation, we should use all the resources we have, including the best brains we have. We should realize that the biggest challenge for Malaysia is to have the best Malaysians without discrimination based on races to run the country’s administration. I don’t think a chinese is so direly want to become a prime minister to contribute to the country. I have no objection for the ruling of a prime minister must be a Malay, because i am sincere to contribute to the country despite headed by different race than me. As long as my contributions been appreciated by all Malaysians.

salam Tun
Harap Tun sihat selalu….
kalau satu hari x masuk blog Tun ni rasa macam boring je.Harap Tun selalu boleh bagi sekurangnya 2 artikel satu hari.TQ


Salam Tun,
Sampai bila bumiputera nak berharapkan bantuan dan handicap? Dah 51 tahun merdeka!


I agree with your comments on the Bumis although I am Bumis myself.
The problem now is that, those who have read this article are very unlikely in the ‘lazy boys’ group.

Just hoping that you find ways to reach ‘this’ group and give them a wake up call.

Good stuff Tun..keep writing.


Thanks for the NEP. I am leaving this country for good. Same as lots of my friends who are skilled and professional. I wish Malaysia all the best with its affirmative action.


while I appreciate your comments in view of establishing meritocracy, I still think your arguments are flawed based on the examples you’ve provided.

Yes, you can’t pit a Heavyweight against a lightweight -but who are you refering to as Heavyweight here? Is it the Bumiputera cluster who have been given resources to establish successes and generate new opportunities, or is it the cluster that lives in estates, generates low income to manage large families, attend national type schools knowing they don’t get same level of education resulting in them starting with a disadvantage?

You commented that NEP needs to be gradually reduced, but for any gradual reduction, it needs a timeline in place. It needs that commitment from all quarters to see that the plan gets implemented responsibly, and one such responsibility is to establish the plan upfront, have clear communication of the plan, and ensure the milestones are being met. Until today, all there is is talk – it was the case under your administration where you begged the Malays to work and strive hard (you even cried about it). But they were talk – no action to follow-up. You can’t just make it DSAAB’s issue – you need to take responsibility for the lack of establishing a timeline.

We are in the 21st century where we openly cry about the disadvantages and unfair treatment that 3rd world and developing countries receive at the hands of Developed nations. Yet in our own land – we have legal implements that disadvantage one Malaysian against the other on basis of class and creed.

So, lets get our back yard sorted before we complain about level playing fields (or lack of it) internationally.


Comprehensive article, and totally agree with all your points.

I just believe that in this world, when someone get richer, there will be someone else get poorer as the result. It’s up to us on how to take the correct corrective actions to stabilize our country.


By right, New Economic Policy (NEP) should have been ended since 1990. If the Malay people still insist today that NEP should be carried on until the true achievement of the final target of 30% wealth and 30% employment in the public companies be given to the Bumiputeras, then in Bursa Malaysia we will hardly be able to find many counters that are really a good choice for investment. This means that it is not easy to find the companies that really come with good quality assets in true sense, as well as in the sense of book values that are being reflected as assets of high Net Tangible Value in the balance sheets of the company annual reports. More often than not, what we are able to see in Bursa Malaysia will only be the stocks of some high gearing and debt-ridden companies, which will eventually be graded as PN4 or PN17 members when recession hits. This will be the end-result of the long term implementation of the NEP – shamefully lack of economic motivation and management efficiency for the publicly owned companies to perform well in the business world.

What rationale do you find that can really make us feel proud of the success of the government intervention measures for bailout purpose, such as those measures of Dana Modal and Dana Harta? I find that I myself have no reason to feel proud of any bailout effort at all! I would rather like to see more and more small and medium businesses, which are not required to abide to the 30% Bumiputeras Rule of NEP, growing slowly but steadily in Malaysia than seeing more and more Bursa Malaysia member companies, which are required to allocate at least 30% shares to Bumiputeras, finally slipping itself into the category of PN4 or PN17 when time turns bad.

In this article, Tun still does not show a strong determination to call for the abolition of the affirmative action. Before Tun continues to give your support to the continuation of affirmative action in favour of Bumiputeras in Malaysia, I would like to call for your attention to an article, which attempts to define the meaning of justice as published in the website below.

By the way, I wish to remind Tun that the word “Red Indian” should not be used again to identify the American Indigenous Ethnic if Tun speaks to Americans or to the other World. The more appropriate name, which is much more commonly used in America for identifying this Indigenous Ethnic, is “American Indian”.


dear tun,

the truth is often comes in shades of grey and not as clear as black and white as we wish.. its heartening to hear a universal truth about the state of education and the relevance of NEP policy. actually the decision for NEP to be withdrawn in stages would require planning and fiscal control and courage from the ruling party to let go of the crutch. this can only be effected by a strong prime minister and who has a strong integrity.

we malaysians on the whole walk the middle path. we have our pursuit of happiness and i dont think we blame each other for our problems and we have come a long way with the muhibbah spirit. often it is the politicians who played up the sentiments and populist elements come into play.

the most glaring problem however, is the state of affairs and i think most malaysians have become complacent and take a lot for granted. well educated and top flight talent often leave malaysia for greener pastures and we lost a great deal of capable malaysians to foreign lands. the government is doing nothing to inspire this group of people and i have even malay friends who prefer living abroad now. it is sad indeed.

sometimes hardship is a good medicine for a wake up call. too much gula-gula as you know contributes to ‘decadent teeth’. it is time for frugal consumption and a return to the basics. it is time also for politicians to stop making populist decisions which does not benefit the rakyat in the long term.

Salams.. And May Peace be Upon You.


Hope you are well… well..

NEP.. PEN.. MOUse…

As long as the respect is there.. I think should not be a problem.

Opportunities should be fair to All..

But sometimes Hard work, What you know, Who you know and How you do it is Important.

Life is a learning process..

What we Bumi wants is Respect laa….. We give.. So you must give laaa…

Tolong Menolong baru boleh Untung..!

Melayu Unite.!

Malaysians Unite.!

Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka.! Most Importantly… Sambut Ramadhan…

Bulan Suci lagi Menyucikan..

Alif Ba Ta

Salam Tun,

I agree with u. Renung-renungkan wahai bangsaku.

Dear Tun,

I admire with surprise you admitted the unfairness toward the non bumi in the education system. I was one of the victim, yet I never regret being victimise in this case. I get a very good results in my SPM and STPM, and yet, was not accepted to further my education in the local university. I have no choice but to further my education aboard. My family is not rich, but my father worked very hard to ensure I can further my study to achieve my dream. I was lucky and able to study in US, and achieve Master degree with grant and scholarship from school. I got a job back in KL, with US company, and begin to climb corporate ladder. In the same company, I see those local graduate, work with wrong attitude, always MC, never do their job with positive mind set, always blame we are discriminating them…..etc. For many many times I heard from HR that the foreign company prefer to hire non local graduate b’cos they have better working attitude.

I have switch job 3 times in Malaysia and experience same thing in each company. I quite tired with the same O environment. And last job offer, I had been headhunted to work in Neighbour country. I was so impress and motivated with the staffs here and all have the positive mind set, self independent and think very positively. I now a company Director for Asia Pacific able to work and experience a much broader market, and I can tell that if Malaysia remain with the current system, we already experience slow growth, idle in new generation quality, and soon will be the slave countries to all the already develop countries in Asia. I’m sorry to say, but this is going to be the fact. Whether you like it or not.

Salam Tun..

Maaf keluar tajuk. Tun, sedih betul saya PENGKHIANAT tu yang menang. Saya x leh terima!! Rasanya bala dah betul2 melanda negara kita lebih2 lagi kat kita org Melayu.

Saya dah boleh agak dah apakah yg akan berlaku di Parlimen nanti!

Apakah akan betul2 berlaku perkara itu pada 16 September mendatang??

Saya rasa tak sanggup nak memikirkannya.. Lebih baik migrate p KOREA UTARA la camni..dah tentu2 ada bom nuklear, Amerika x berani nak usik!

Salam Ayahanda Rakyat Tun,
We shall understand. Perhaps our comments were half baked and uncalled for as remarked by one of the critic of

To the high handicapped golfers, GOLF is catergorised as a game for ‘Gulungan Orang Lemah Fikiran’
To the low handicapped golfers, GOLF is catergorised as a game for ‘Gulungan Orang Lapang Fikiran’
And to the Pro Golfers, GOLF is catergorised as a game for ‘Good Opportunity, Leisure and Fame’

We heard Pak Lah and Pak Najib are golfers. Which catergory of GOLF do Anakanda Rakyat think they belong to?

We used to be a 14 handicapper but since being a Addict now plays to 18.

To fellow golfers, enjoy your golfing on Merdeka Day.

Agree with Kokabala…..

Malaysia are loosing more and more skilled professionals due to this sought of discrimination.
I’m a big fan of you Tun, but you have been asking the Malays to wake up for the past….15years? Any luck with that yet? I doubt so
We will never appreciate anything when it is still with us but definitely regret it when its no longer with/taken away.

Wish you good health Tun.

Terima Kasih di atas semua penjelasan Tun yang sungguh memberikan pencerahan baru kepada saya yang sekian lama mencari-cari sumber maklumat yang jelas dan telus tentang apa yang berlaku di Malaysia.

Terlebih dahulu saya ingin memohon maaf kerana selama ini saya sering menganggap Tun adalah dalang kepada segala kejahatan yang berlaku di Malaysia.

Balik kepada artikel kali ini. Setelah memahami sebab, tujuan dan falsafah DEB dilaksanakan barulah saya dapat bersetuju 100% tentang perlunya polisi seumpama ini dilaksanakan.

Dengan fakta-fakta yang Tun persembahkan disini tidak dinafikan DEB telah memberi sumbangan yang besar dalam menjadikan Malaysia gah seperti hari ini.Namun kita kecewa kerana DEB gagal mendapat persetujuan rakyat Malaysia keseluruhannya. Masih ramai yang menyangkal.

Pada pandangan saya [b]DEB akan lebih berjaya sekiranya setiap rakyat memahami intipati, sebab, tujuan dan falsafahnya[b] seperti yang Tun jelaskan di dalam artikel ini. Tiadanya pemahamanlah menjadilan DEB pincang.

Apa yang dipelajari di dalam buku teks tentang DEB nampaknya telah gagal mencapai matlamatnya. Penerangan Tun dengan contoh dan analogi lebih senang difahami dan dihadam.

Dengan pemahaman barulah kerajaan dan rakyat (seperti yang tersenarai di poin no 30&31) dapat bergerak seiring. Saya yakin mereka yang mendapat peluang daripada DEB tidak akan dengan mudah mengkhianati ‘amanah’ yang diberi sekiranya mereka sedar kenapa mereka diberi peluang itu.

Sekian secebis pandangan dari rakyat

/// 12. Effectively the poor countries want to discriminate in their favour by rejecting the borderless world of Globalisation. Exploitation by the rich would most likely enrich the poor countries. But they would rather be poor than be exploited. ///

Dear good doctor,

So what should poor countries do in practical terms? Be a closed economy like Cuba and North Korea?

On another note, there are a few Chinese who have squandered like Eric Chia and Lim Guan Eng. I am surprised at Lim Guan Eng. I am surprised he gave a public holiday to Penang just for Permatang Pauh election which cause a bigg loss to Penang. This is irresponsible.

Why in the 1st place the Govt have the election during a working day? This is a more disruptive action that haveing a day off. Kudoss to LGE for his action so that morer people can go and vote.

ON the issue of NEP, NEP is a good idea provided that the discrimation is against the well-to-dos and help is for the poors of all races only.

Remember everyone started at same base level i.e. all immigrants from Indonesia, China, India and other countries. The smart and hardworking ones will definitely prospered while the rest will remain as they were. These affected all races.

The Govt cannot create any rules just to benefit a certain catergory of people. As my personal opinion, NEP benefits a certain category of people, will created a false sense of superiority in this people’s restricted surroundings, but when exposed to wider environment, the false sense of security disappeared when skill and intelligence is lacking when compared to others. That’s when they will do the best to maintain rules to protect/hide their inferiority complex.

If NEP has created a person, after going thru the trial of school, college and university, who is able to stand on its own two feet, can think for himself, can compete and work with everyone, will not required the backing of help from the Govt then the Govt has achieve its aim. This person will be grateful to the Govt forever.

If NEP has not created a person who is able to stand on its own two feet then forever this person will required the backing of help from thee Govt. This person will be resentful to the Govt, if the Govt does not help him.

If you have an person who is not the best to teach the other to perform their best, what is the point………. GET THE BEST PEOPLE TO CREATE THE BEST YOUNG MINDS OF ALL RACES FOR THE COUNTRY.

The Govt must be be shy of having the best minds from other races or countries to be the guideing stars for all our young people.

Salam Hormat Tun dan Selamat Merdeka ke 51

Melayu kaya dgn Harta Bumi tetapi kenapa masih banyak hidup dlm kemiskinan. Dan non-indigenous hidup lebih baik dari indigenous.

Masalahnya kebanyakkan org Melayu selalu minta belas kasihan tanpa berusaha majukan diri dan hidup hanya menumpang kesenangan org lain sahingga anak-cucu pun terikut2 maka jadilah keturunan keluarga meminta2, belas kasihan dan lain2 lagi. Bila senang sikit LUPA DIRI asal usul mereka dulu susah. Hantar luar negeri disuruh belajar menimba ilmu sebaliknya pulang bawa sijil beranak “Mat Salleh”. Kalau yg bagus tidak apa, yg kuching kurap tepi jalan yg dikutipnya jadi suami atau isteri.

Selagi BN/UMNO tiada berusaha mengatasi masalah ini dan hanya menolong org yg tertentu, pilih kasih, membantu org yg dah senang lagi senang, sanak-saudara, kaum puak dan lain2, maka masalah ini akan berterusan hingga timbul perkara2 yg tidak inginkan berlaku seperti sekarang ini.

Buatlah sesuatu peraturan seperti apa yg saya fikirkan “Bayar dulu perbelanjaan pelajaran bila Lulus barulah boleh ‘CLAIMS’ balik ongkosnya”. Kalau GAGAL jgn bayar. Biar mereka belajar sungguh2 jika mau berjaya dan dpt ‘CLAIMS’ balik wang yg dibelanjakan. Kalau tidak sampai bila2 pun minta belas kasihan.

Ketika dibawah Tun menerajui banyak ahli2 Menteri dan wakil rakyat berpura2 kononnya mereka telah jalankan tanggung jawab mereka walhal kurang memuaskan. Lihatlah sekarang ini sejak Pak Lah ‘take over’ bermacam2 tembelang busuk muncul.

Negara luar pula memang sudah lama ingin menaluki dan menguasai kekayaan Malaysia dan lain dunia ketiga. Salah satu peluang yg paling besar ialah mempengaruhi Anwar dgn dasar2 policy mereka.

I do not deny that the Malays needed affirmative action in the earlier years of the country’s formation. If none was given, imagine the state of affairs they would find themselves in today. Yes, they needed such assistance for all the reasons you provided. Even the blacks in the USA still enjoy such policies favoring them. So, for me, this was and is still good for Malaysia.
The thing is why not start afresh and sit down and divide the economic pie more or less equally among the races. I mean from now onwards we share the abundance of this country fairly. Everyone does his/her part and we all enjoy the bountiful resources within Malaysia. That’s just the physical resources. When the people are financially stable, then the human resources come to life. Since they now have the means, they can burst forth in their creativity of ideas and products and just about anything you can think of. Then Malaysia will rise above the rest. Way above puny Singapore. Taiwan and Hong Kong, so-called dragons will be insignificant in comparison to Malaysia. China will give due respect. India will come a calling. Indonesia will still be far behind us in terms of worldwide market share. Malaysia has no limits to where she can go.
Please sir, work it out for the rest of us that Malaysia don’t go down the drain. There’s too much to lose.

Salam buat Tun serta Keluarga,

Sian Najib…. Penat dia berkempen. Pak Lah releks aja. Kalah pulak tu! Silap2 kena marah dengan Pak Lah.

Hidup Tun!


permainan yang baik kadang-kadang dicemari oleh:
1)pengatur perlawanan/bookie haram.
2)pengadil yang disogok dan berat sebelah.
3)pemain yang dirasuah.
4)penjaga masa dan garisan yang keliru.
hakikatnya semua penonton dan peminat setia perlawanan tidak tahu itu semua…

semoga tun ada formula terbaik untuk mengekang kemaraan musuh politik tun – anwar ibrahim…

kadang-kadang lagu lama…senandung semalam..kalau diberi nafas baru…sedap juga didengar….sekadar hiburan waktu santai…

Salam Tun,

Affirmative action as Tun admitted will hurt the people of Malaysia but if there is a need in the past 30 years. In the onslaught of globalisation, Malaysia needs the best to compete. Are we still going to discriminate our players? Is the present AB’s government had any strategies to increase the Malays’ capabilities and on the other hand unite the people for the world? Badawi had no plans, for these two years to come. Tun had been brave to help the Malays but sadly as people says, spoilt child may not give up his plaything so easily. Will the Malay Dilemma be there when Tun is no longer with us. I hope not.

Assalamualaikum Tun,
This is the best explanation on NEP that I’ve ever come across. Absolutely brilliant.

Again the stability of this country lies in the hands of the Malays & Bumis. If we fail to introspect and improve ourselves, NEP will carry on and the other races will eventually loose their patience. Then interracial hostility will arise and bigger problems will follow. When this happen, should not the Malay blame themselves?

“Verily never will Allah change the
condition of a people until they change it themselves.”Quran (Surah Al R’ad 13;11)

I wish we could clone you Tun, but then again whats the point of clonning your brain, your physical self etc, when what really matters is the spiritual heart of an honest, brave, caring leader, and this obviously is yours alone and cannot be cloned.

Nurulhuda Samsudin

we were mere fair can we be.

to those who’s leaving malaysia for good, just go.nobody need ungrateful self proclaimed professional and skilled citizen like you think other country’s better than malaysia.if so, then do you ungrateful SOB think that you guys deserve better country than malaysia.tak malu pnya org..the europeans build up their country with blood and sweats and you tak malu pnya org senang2 nk claim citizen or permanent residence of these rich countries.

shame on you guys.obviously your ‘professional’ and ‘skill’ training doesn’t really make you guys better, but turning you guys into something horrible than beast itself.Tun, we should look into our education system.clearly we are not producing grateful scholars but we kept producing self-centered that would run on the first sight of hardness in life.

Tun. You are a great man. You turned Malaysia into something ponderous. No one in this world can pay you back for what you have done for Malaysia. All I can give to you is my appreciation of your effort of blood and sweat for 30 years turning this country into a land full of opportunity. You are truly a great man. God bless you anywhere you go.

1. yup… sometimes we’re “shallow” and may not think broad enough or see far enough… good to have the motives (or game plan) explained;

2. i’ve always loved those who can play a good chess game… there’re twists & turns & some moves are unpreditable… but eventually with only a single goal that’s to checkmate… i believe good leaders have these qualities…

3. just like how the parents loved their own children, they can never babysit them… either practice to improve the handicap… or fight somebody your own size…

4. always loved the word “integrity”… something nobody can break…

Hi Tun, I am a Chinese in Malaysia, I am 44years old, I feel very happy finally I can talk with you to express my feeling and opinion, I feel very unhappy to our government now, I am staying in Sabah and I am a construction contractor, course I am very near and know with the allege migrate, recently our government just carry out an action that use one hundred fifty million to rush out 150,000 persons of allege, seen like perfect move for people in Sabah, but actually is the most stupid move for Malaysia’s people, one hundred fifty million is belong to the people of Malaysia, Do you know how many allege migrate bean caught in those operation beam taking is not more then 2,000 people.
actually this matter can soft with the Arther option, this option was decided by Naji, just simply tro one hundred fifty million to the sea and don’t feel anything, because most of the allege migrate will return, because I had seen myself, how can they give up the life here, they feel like heaven here they can easy to find money and most of them have hand-phone but in there country is not easy to have a hand-phone for them, you just can imagine trought one hundred fifty million nation money to the sea like nothing, we can hope the person like this to become our CM?? ah!!! Tun, is that I comment here can get to jail, because I am afraid can be bomb. ha! ha! bye bye!

Salam Tun,

Hopefully the receiver of aids recognised that the aid is not free forever, they have to pay some day.

Wonderful article from you, Sir.

Salam Tun

Anwar had just won the byelection. This is what the people in Permatang Pauh wants so be it.

Over and over again God almighty has revealed who this guy really is. The people of Sodom was banished because they lust after their own kind. They and their offsprings, save a few, were deemed not fit for this world.

Yet the people in Permatang Pauh wants the same kind of Sodom people to lead them.

I pray to the AlMighty God to show us the Straight path and to save this country. Let not the hands of these materialistic power craving people lead all of us to destruction.

Sudah dijangka DSAI akan menang. Tapi tak mengapa kerana dia tidak akan simpan lama belangnya. Bila dapat kuasa lebih, belangnya akan tonjol sikit demi sedikit maka semua akan kenal siapa DSAI yang sebenarnya. Tapi masa tu ‘nasi sudah menjadi bubur’. PeNiNg! pEnInG! SeDiH! sEdIh! GiLa! gIlA! Apa nak jadi pada Malaysia? MALAYSIA NOW ARE FAMOUS FOR IT’S FLIP AND THE FLOP.

Apakhabar Tun sekeluarga dan chedet fan,akhirnya dapat jua membaca tulisan Tun setelah beberapa menunggu.Tun,coretan kali ini walaupun kelihatan biasa2 sahaja.Tetapi amat penting bagi pelajar2 kita untuk mengetahuinya.Terutama pelajar2 bumiputra/melayu terutamanya yamg kebanyakkan hanya pandai bercakap tetapi tak tahu untuk menguruskannya.Rasanya pelajar2 sekarang tak perlu dimanjakan sangat,bila berjaya kelak jadi penentang kerajaaan.Mereka begitu cepat lupa diri,hingga orang yang didapati salah disokongi.Tak kenang budi pun orang buat apa kita nak susah2 menabur jasa.Lihatlah sekarang,tak habis2 dengan reformasi,hingga tak tahu mana yang baik untuk menjadi pemimpin.Sebab dah terlalu dimanjakan.Kadang2 dah hilang rasa bangga melihat anak bangsa sendiri berjaya dalam akedemik,kerana secara ummmunya banyak yang berhaluan kiri/penentang(parti pembangkang).Mereka begitu mudah terpengaruh dengan asutan luar yang boleh membinasakan dan keamanan negara sendiri.Dari segi pencapaian akedemik pulak memang agak jauh kebelakang dari bangsa2 lain dinegara sendiri.Tiada yang boleh dibanggakan.Hingga boleh dilihat dari mata kasar.Sedih,marah dan benci pun ada jika dapat tahu kebanyakkan yang menjadi penentang adalah lulusan dari universiti tempatan dan mendapat pembiayaan dari kerajaan kebanyakkannya.Sepatutnya mereka ini dikenakan tindakkan yang lebih tegas , juga diperketatkan dimana2 pusat2 pengajian disini dengan syarat2 yang tertentu.Supaya tidak timbul kelak bakal pemimpin yang mementingkan diri sendiri .Semoga Tun sihat serta dilindungi ILLAHI.


masa kecik diasuh n disogok dengan …
sampai tak sedar azan…..

dewasa sikit…apa yg anak mau, dibelikan…
..sedikit pun tidak diajar untuk berusaha….

sekolah menengah…
jadi jaguh, salah laku disiplin dgn demerit 100%…..

…pas tu jdi penjaga bus stop 24jam, pnjga shopping cmplx 12 jam, penjaga warung/kedai 12jam….hari2 buang masa!!!!

habis tu jadi mat rempit…penagih….dll

….dilema kebanyakan orang MELAYU……

Salam Tun,
Another superb article. #33 is especially spot-on, today, if anybody
were to suggest that the NEP be abolished, there will be HUGE demonstrations.Granted, so one says, lets wait another 50 years,can Tun promise there won’t be any more war-cry about it ? To some people the NEP already becomes ‘HAK ABADI’,to them, that ‘why should I try so hard when the Government is there to help me ? attitude is their ‘wawasan hidup’.

Salam Tun,
Ypu are very right in everything that you say… When the malays are given every opportunity… We are still not excell.. not the best… I think, its bcos of attitude…

salam tun and all,
firstly, thank you tun for all your hard work and brilliant ideas, you are one of the best leaders the world had ever seen during the last century that a third world country had produced. You engineered the development of this country and I dare those out there who challenge that statement to point out who- in their opinion was responsible for Malaysia’s development.

secondly, To Kokabala and the rest of his professional friends – good bye! You epitomised the sayings, the grass next door is always greener. May you find your ideal world with no discriminations in the place that you are moving to.

lastly, I wish that all Malays will remember one thing- IF one day our children find themselves at a disadvantage, do not scream and shout at the BN government, as we are the ones NOW who are responsible for their future situations.

May Allah helps us all.

Nampaknya hanya PAS akan menjaga hak-hak Melayu & Islam.

I have no idea why the handicap must be given to people based on his/her race. Why can’t it be given to the poor no matter what race he is? You don’t see golf handicap is strictly given to a chinese guy do you?

Hi! Tun Dr M,
Among the bumiputeras. Given opportunities, given licenses, permits, contracts etc,this is not help them this also is not to love them, but this only to kill them, They will forever cannot stand up only depent on goverment, this is not my opinion, this is the fact, this is the true, I am a chinese, why chinese is faster then bumiputeras, Because chinese know they don’t have free meal from goverment, they don’t wait, they don,t thick just go ahead to find themsefl.
All of the success were from many time failure then they grow harder become more charaching, just let them to failure don’t giveup, sure they can success in future, I wish them grow harder together with us to make a bright future.

at this point of time i am writing, the pkr won the permatang pauh with big majority. its a sign to PWTC@DAAB now!!!….
budget 2009 this friday??…huh….further damages to the country i guess…….

Dearest Tun,

An article I wrote last month which I think is a subset of what you have said in this article.

Hi! Tun DR M
Affirmative action is just a dream, in this world too many seft fish, gerous, gritty. affirmative action only can happen in heaven, sorry Tun I can promise will not happen within 100 years.

Salam Tun Dan Famili..

Terima Kasih Tun kerana menulis artikel AFIRMATIVE action yang pernah saya ulas satu masa dulu…

Selain artikel di atas Artikel 2008 ELECTION juga sungguh menyentuh perasaan saya.

Salama 5 kali election saya tak pernah memangkah selain dari BN sehingga lah PRU ke 12 yang lepas.

Seperti yang pernah saya katakan dulu apa pilihan yang kita ada? apabila melihata BN…UMNO, MCA, MIC semakin SOMBONG dan BONGKAK selepas 2004 election…

Kita pun sebenarnya tidak yakin akan pakatan pembangkang, kalu memerintah kelak hanya umpama menyalin kulit sahaja.

Pemilihan UMNO atau MCA yang sedang rancak sekarang ne pun lebih kepada nak merebut jawatan dengan niat jelas untuk kepentingan diri sendiri dan keluaraga…

Berubah lah kalu tak Rakyat akan membuat keputusan sama sama lari dari mulut harimau masuk mulut singa…

Apa pilihan yang kita ada TUN???

Semuga sihat selalu..

Dear Tun Dr Mahathir and others,

Nak dengak pantun seloka Melayu kuno ?

“Virus jenis ni mana depa pi aja habis infected, habis, K.O.
Kalau hinggap kat pokok pisang, pokok pisang mampuh. Kalau masuk kolam ikan, ikan mampuh. Hang pusing macam mana pun, tak boleh. Taruk baja PEN ka, apa ka, tak boleh. Virus jenis ni memang terkenal seluruh dunia. Kita ni tunggu masa aja nak mampuh.”

Salams Tun,

DSAI sudah menang. Tak lama lagi masuk parliment.
Tahniah kepada Pak Lah. Tahniah, disebabkan Pak Lah lah rakyat mengundi pembangkang.

Dear Tun

Well Said it must be done slowly and surely Malaysian are more
matured now. 50 years after merdeka we have come a longway
we have done remarkably well in such a short time.

We need the right leaders to lead us and move this country forward.
in order to slowly abolish the NEP.

To find another Mahathir it will take us another 50 years you
are a champion.

Take care…….

asalamualaikum Tuk Det..

saya sokong commnt suakbadil. saya masih remaja dan menuntut di universiti. kadang2 saya letih dan penat memujuk diri saya supaya jangan diikut perasaan ‘melayu’ yakni malas, mahu berfoya2, tidak serius dan sbgainya.

saya letih dan penat pujuk diri saya supaya JANGAN kalah dalam apa yang saya lakukan kini. saya tahu, ‘kerja’ saya terlalu mudah. cuma belajar dan belajar.

apa yang saya alami, keliling saya rata2 rakan2 universiti, sangat manja. kalau saya terlalu takut untuk berdepan kegagalan dalam ujian, mereka tidak begitu. melawan lecturer. langsung tak hormat. dah lah lecturer cina, lepas tu bdk2 melayu tunjuk samseng kurang ajar biadap.

RESPECT. itu sahaja yg saya minta dlm jati diri org melayu, especially remaja. penat saya, kalau tiap2 masa kita sahaja yang respect orang, tetapi orang tak respect kita.

tapi ibu bapa saya bagus. mereka didik saya baik2. dan kini saya bangga saya tergolong dalam kalangan yang baik2 juga. bangga jadi remaja melayu yang berpandangan jauh. kerana siapa?

dah tentulah Tuk Det…… walau tak seberapa, saya tetap nak ucapkan TERIMA KASIH. Tuk Det telah membawa ombak dan pengaruh yang sgt besar dlm hidup saya. terima kasih yang tak terhingga. Tuk Det membakar smgt saya tiap2 hari. sy hidup dlm semangat juang pun kerana Tuk Det. Tuk Det boleh, kenapa saya tidak?

Betul seperti tekaan Tun yang Anwar akan menang. Sayapun amat yakin Anwar akan menang. sebab apa? mestilah kerana KJ cakap besar nak kuburkan karier Anwar. Najib pulak tengah orang tak suka buat apa bkempen d Permatang Pauh duduk jelah kat rumah biar pak lah buat kerja kalau dia dah pandai sangat. Tahniah rakyat Permatang Pauh kerana mempunyai wakil rakyat yang sukakan…paham ajelah. Kalau kalah Anwar akan kata konspirasi polis, SPR, undi hantulah tapi bila menang ok pulak SPR, polis. Baguslah kurang harta benda rakyat rosak. Polis pun dapat balik kampung dah sebulan berkumpul di Permatang Pauh. Penyokong Anwar tak caya ka kerajaan tak ade konspirasi


tun maad kan saya kalau komen ni tak sesuai untuk umum. saya semakin takut dgn hak org melayu dikikis sedikit demi sedikit di hilang kan. anwar dah menang pilihan raya, uitm nk bg 20% utk org bkn melayu gila ape…saya sungguh sedih…siape kah yg akan membetul kan keadaan..dan tolong lah kerajaan sekarang jgn ada korupsi…kaki mengampu…tolong lah naik nye negara tu dgn perpaduan, keikhlasan dan kebijaksanaan….saya betul2 ambil berat tentang hal ini sbb generasi akan datang saya merasa kan penduduk malaysia semakin tidak bertamadun da penting kan wang ringgit. lihat saja lah dia jalan raya cara pemanduan org sekarang dan perangai nak cepat kaya….di harap tun dpt komen balik isu ini..saya bkn diskriminasi tp saya melihat bangsa saya semakin hancur

Dear TUN, my fellow Malay Comrade, and dearest malaysian..

Well said by TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD. I bet there is non current leaders in BN and also PAKATAN can ever ever compete with TUN’s. Very simple, straight to the point, and clear. There is no flip flop, everything is common sense. Im so greatful to able to live under your leader ship for 22 years. I only met you ONCE in reality-I felt very overwhelmed and happy even though you have already retired.

In today’s Malaysia politics, most of them use high tone- condemn accuse here and there..and suddenly everyone become greedy to become Prime Minister. DAP’s agenda is to take over PWTC, PKR is form government, and PAS is to restructure the law. While BN keep on counting pocket money as much as they could because they know soon or later PAKATAN will take over.

It is very negative when I look and read all the PAKATAN allegations. Its all about Malay Rights to live in Malaysia. It is as if they want the Malay to get out of this country and live their life in poverty. Its balas dendam. Come on lah, what have we done to you Non Malays that you hate us so much until to extand to discrimante us?

Dear Tun,

When you put it this way, it’s easier to swallow for the non-Malays. I think it is unfortunate that many Malays regard the provisions specified in the NEP as their rights/privileges “enshrined in the Constitution” (they aren’t) and vow to keep the NEP alive for eternity “to safeguard their Bumiputera rights”. It is the suggestion that the discriminatory policy should go on forever that unnerves most of those who are discriminated against by it.

However, you have not explained away the basis of the assumption that all Malays are bad golfers, all Chinese are excellent golfers, and the Indians do not play golf at all. I think this is the fundamental flaw in the NEP. Wouldn’t it be fairer to judge each player by his abilities rather than skin colour? Abuses of the NEP have been possible only because of this ill-conceived criterion on who should be given the handicaps. Tun, you probably realise that those who oppose the NEP most strongly come from the middle and lower class non-Malay community, which is a very large population of the Malaysian people. They are the ones hardest hit by the policy, because only the rich can afford to be generous in sharing their wealth. Incidentally, these are also the people who have shown in the recent elections to have deserted BN. Compared to the Malays in the same income group, they are worse off because the Malays at least have the NEP to fall back to, while these non-Malays are expected to make sacrifices to keep the NEP going. It just doesn’t make sense.

I believe a study like that you proposed should be carried out, but I will not trust the government to do it. Have an independent body conduct it. Have more than one studies by different institutions if need be, but let them be independent of any manipulation by the government, because those in government presumably have the most to gain from the perpetuation of the NEP.

al- fatehah …. maha suci allah, aman lah, makmur kan lah, akan negara kami ini malaysia, dan anugerah saorang peminpin berjiwa asli islam mampan, hindar kan drp keburukan modal insan, amin.

Salam Tun
I am so proud of u and how i wish that u still rule the country.
how sad and pathetic our country is right now especially when malay just dont get u.
sesungguhnya perjuangan kita belum selesai tun..



A very good point made by azizol haqim which i totally share the same thing as follows:

‘While I agree with what Tun said 100%, can we assume that the non bumiputera will be fair to the Bumiputera once the NEP is abolished and the politic and economy is controlled by non-Bumiputera bearing in mind to what happens to the Malay in Singapore?’

Assalamua’laikum YAB Tun dan Keluarga dan sentiasa sihat dan dipelihara Allah s.w.t. selalu Amin.

Affirmative Action : Action favouring those who tend to suffer from discrimination.Since 1970 NEP was introduced and no denial certain percentage of the indigenous achieved some height among other communities. It has been like 38 years since it inception, how long more NEP need to achieved its goal or it is already long overdue if only the implementations were carried out earnestly.

As I have earlier quoted to your earlier post(Cronyism and NEP) the fate befallen my eldest daughter. She had deprived from the faculty of her choice though with reasonable good academic and co-curriculum achievements and instead being given to a borderline student from the east coast,who later dropped to be married.What a waste.

Unless all these wrong choices be stopped during the IMPLEMENTATION
of the policy NEP will not succeed.

So,Tun that is why we see a lot of our very own malay students and intellectuals are frustrated and react away from the right directions.

Tun dear, you are not to be blamed in total but that is the scenario that I perceived why NEP seems a failure and discriminating.


p/s my third son faced more or less same fate like her eldesf sister but alhamdulillah, my wife and I managed to put him back on the right track but not without pain.

Tahniah Anwar telah menag dan tepat jangkaan Tun Mahathir bahawa Anwar mesti menang=)

Sebelum ini suratkhabar utusan mengatakan 100% pada PRU 12 lepas BN akan 2/3 dan sekali lagi analisis mrk adalah salah.. Pada pilihanraya kecil sekali lagi akhbar utusan sengaja membuat analisis yg salah pd pembacanya krn utusan ceritakan bagaimana hebatnya BN seperti membuat karangan bahawa mrk yakin Anwar akan kalah hari ini tetapi syukur krn Anwar bukan saja menang tetapi menang besar haha..

Akhbar kepunyaan Barisan memang tak boleh dipercayai dan tdk bertanggungjawab melaporkan berita dan apa apa analisis.. Pemuda pemudi skrg dah maju tdk senang ditipu oleh kerajaan!

Kata kata akhbar utusan dan najib memang seringkali bohong rakyat!! Akhirnya Anwar benar kembali=)

When we talk about discrimination it is almost all the time means government discriminating against the economically dominant minority. There has never been talk about discrimination in the private sector. The bumiputra are not only discriminated in the private sectors, but sometimes humiliated which psychologically makes them feel inferior. The minority especially the chinese always under rate the bumiputra to the foreigners causing foreigners to look down on the bumiputra. They dont just do that here in Malaysia, they do that also overseas. I was in Australia earlier and I was told about this by an Australian friend.
I remember when University Malaya was the only university in this country, I used to hear about Malay students being discrimated.
Singapore used to be premdominantly Malay now the Malays are the minority there. They are discriminated but their voice cant even be heard. This is “press freedom”. Fine example from Singapore. If affirmative actions are not taken, for sure Malaysia will be the next Singapore. NEP target will not be achieved forever. In fact it will be further and further away from the target because the minority will work very hard to ensure its failure and to abolish. All these are being disguised as liberalism, free speech, press freedom, trade liberalisation, meritocracy and a lot more western ideals which are meant to ensure the economically dominant minority will maintain control. I hope other countries especially the third world countries will also learn about this from Malaysia and beware.

“Victory Cries” After Permatang Pauh By-Election.
“Laungan-Laungan Kemenangan” Selepas Pilihanraya Kecil di Permatang Pauh.


“Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!”

“Hail! Man of Honour” walks again in the Corridors of Power

Posted at

Government should know what is the best for its people and should do everything necessary to protect its people. Its the government’s responsibility. The government should not just listen to the demand of western oriented NGOs with their disguised ideals. There is no absolute freedom. If the government dont control, other parties will impose controls. This can be from trade associations, NGOs, cultural societies etc.

Assalamualaikum all.
DSAI has won. Is he on his way to Putrajaya now? Personally, i do not wish him to be there (nor do i want Dollah to be there either).
Besides, Tun is the only PM i know since i was born.
I am not an UMNO or a PKR person. If there is such a thing as a Mahathirian, then i supposed i am one of them.
It is very disheartening to see what is happening now.
The ‘sumpah’ being ridiculed in public and politicized, the non existence of Jalur Gemilang few days before merdeka, Nurin Jazlin still yet to receive her justice.
We are so intoxicated with all this politicking that we all failed to see the most basic thing that we should do; take responsibility and care of our own backyard.
These two people mentioned above is an example of what we should not be. One is ruining our country, the other will ruin it.
Tun is not perfect but he did lay out the tracks for us. He cant force us to walk on it, it is our choice.
Unfortunately, not many people seem to notice those tracks now.
That being said, i personally hope that we take a breather from all this politicking and give the coming month of Ramadhan the respect it deserves. BN or PKR, take off those gloves, and just put our hands together, and ask for blessings from the Almighty for our beloved land. The road to Putrajaya can wait.

Dear Tun

Waking up the bumis youngsters? What can be done to the Rempits, Lepaks, Dropuots and such? Can placing them in institution for them to earn good merits to fill the bumi quotas in universities become reality?

A new education system should be implemented for these socially drifted groups. Correctional facilities set-up to ensure they qualify for a place in universities by merit or they will not join the society.

I wonder if that’s possible.

Yg Disayangi Tun,

Semoga dikurinakan kesihatan dan kesejahteraan.
Teruslah bimbing orang melayu. Memang benar kata Tun “Melayu mudah lupa” Muda-mudi dah tiada maruah diri. Lupa perjuangan bangsa. Sedih
dengan situasi kini. Ini Tanah Melayu dari dulu Tanah Melayu tapi melayu hanyut dek hiburan merosakkan. Melayu sanggup tikam melayu orang lain sengih gigi.

Saya dibelakang Tun walau apa pun yang terjadi. Ramai sangat yang jadi pengkhianat bangsa.

lazy and lack of self belief!

Dear Tun,

By far this has been a good article with very good interpretation of the NEP and affirmative action.

I do agree that affirmative action will bring some kind of discrimination. But don’t you think that the following sentence is true also.

By Ricardo on August 26, 2008 9:17 PM

” the issue of NEP, NEP is a good idea provided that the discrimation is against the well-to-dos and help is for the poors of all races only.”

But is that happening ? Malays are always privileged no matter their status (rich or poor).

Consider this : minimum 7% discount are given for Bumiputra house buyers regardless the cost of the house. Do you consider a Bumiputra who can afford to purchase a house costing RM 300,000 is handicapped.

NEP may have started with a noble cause but implementation of it has made other races lagging in so many areas. There is marked increase of Bumiputra students in the intakes of public universities at the expense of Non-Bumis.

Dear All,

I think these talks of PAS replacing UMNO as the champion of Malay/Islam cause is just “feel – good” story mooted by die hard PAS supporters. Let’s face it, if UMNO is erased from the country’s political scene, PAS will only be the moral guardian of the malays in the PR government. When it comes to NEP and complicated economic issues, DAP & PKR will run the show.
Think long and hard…. who will benefit the most when these scenarios takes place? A good example is REHDA (Real Estate and Housing Developer’s Association) recently made known their “wish list” for 2009 budget but did PAS said anything?? No!!!! They are too busy trying to kill off UMNO (they only have until June 2010 to do it). This is why DAP loves PAS so much.
Why is NEP not important to PAS???? Simple…. they are only interested in petty matters like Avril Lavigne concert, separate queues in supermarkets and separate public transport for different gender.It seems that with every concert cancelled, the malay/muslim in this country has taken a giant leap to heaven. Also, I wonder how millions of muslim in Europe and US survive as PAS does not exist there to protest these moral degrading and faith shattering concerts??

And the malays are now looking to this shallow party (PAS) to safeguard their rights. How pathetic and naive is that?

Salam sejahtera buat Tun sekeluarga yang dikasihi,juga buat semua warga Che Det.

Dr.Mahathir adalah MALAYSIA.Maka,merosakkan Dr. Mahathir adalah MEROSAKKAN MALAYSIA.Tahniah kepada Pak Lah dan konco-konconya kerana telah berjaya merosakkan Tun.

Sama ada PAS, PKR, DAP atau BN.
Takde satu parti yang boleh sy pilih untuk memerintah negara.
Last election vote for BN.
Next election?

Masing2 dengan agenda yg senang untuk difahami.
Ingin berkuasa dan nak cepat kaya melalui perahan keringat rakyat.
Kerja x seberapa.
Selok belok politik(kebijaksanan kepimpinan)tak PRO pun.

Macam mana nak jadi pemimpin kalau dalam diri banyak benda yg tak settle lagi.

yg Skandal
yg Rasuah
yg Letup
yg Liwat
yg Gila Kuasa (nak jadi PM)
yg Ngantuk
yg Mengata
yg Mengumpat
yg Memfitnah
yg Melingkup
yg Pura-pura

ANWAR MENANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!











young engineer
UiTM graduate
slave to GOD

sayang…percaturan bn/umno gagal sekali lagi..tahniah untuk anwar..tahniah untuk pak lah..tahniah untuk najib…tahniah untuk permatang pauh…takziah juga untuk permatang pauh…

Akum Tun,

I have notice that most of the readers enjoyed being the top 10 to post their comments and some just “enjoyed” reading your article or view.

My question: Are we so relax that we don’t care about what is happening around us? Are we not afraid what will happen to our children in the future due to the current “volatile” political, economy and unity unstablality?

I see more readers would just act “wait and see” attitude. Am I alone who feels that we need to do something now in order to provide better oppurtunities for our children in the future?

Looking forward to your speech at Kiara this saturday.

End – Aku Pening



MELETAKKAN JAWATAN SERTA MERTA dan bukannya 2 tahun akan datang





1. The founders of this country did not agree on the NEP. If they did the NEP would be enshrined in the Constitution, which it is not.

2. Quoting from you, what the founders did agree on is that “they would eradicate poverty irrespective of race and that there should be no identification of race with economic function.” This is obviously inconsistent with the NEP.

3. I do not object to the idea of affirmative action in principle. However, people who benefit from it needs to understand that this is a form of support (a concession, if you will) given by others. It is not a right or a privilege.

4. Affirmative action should benefit all races. Can you provide some examples where the Chinese and Indians have benefited from affirmative action?

5. Affirmative action requires accountability and an expiry date. Otherwise, people who benefit from it do not feel the need to put in the effort to improve themselves. This defeats the purpose of affirmative action.

6. The NEP has failed on a few counts. First, it has become a tool to buy favour in return for political support. Second, it has largely not benefited the disadvantaged Malays but mainly those who actually don’t need the support – e.g. the Malay students who obtain scholarships are often the children of Datuks. Third, NEP is now a crutch for some Malays; they think it is their inalienable birthright. Fourth, NEP has used to subjugate the other races. It has morphed into a monster known as Ketuanan Melayu. It leads to inequality and has bred resentment among other races. In the long run, there is no way the country can be united if one race lords over the other races. Other races are made to feel like second class citizens.

7. Btw, as far as I know, affirmative action is intended to benefit the minority and not the majority.

8. The Malays really have to do some serious soul searching and not hide behind the NEP. Unless they face reality, they will be living under the misguided assumption that the oil will never run dry in the country. Ultimately, they will simply do themselves in and really, they will have no one else to blame for it other than themselves.


Hi Dr Mahathir, firstly let me introduce myself, the name is jeremy.It is certainly an honor to be able to communicate to you through blogging. I have been reading a lot of books that you have been writing for the past few years for example on globalization,MSC etc and all the recent videos that you were in it for example hard talk and bloomberg. Like any other malaysians i am pretty aware of our country’s economy and its political stability. I have always dreamt of a malaysia that is prosperous and united. No doubt, under your watch as prime minister everything was under control but that doesn’t mean there isnt a bubble crisis just waiting to burst. As you are a doctor you would probably know that diabetes doesn’t just happen in one day or a year, the patient is actually dying for many years before he is diagnosed with diabetes. The recent elections, is a very good sign for my metaphors, that malaysian people are getting less ignorant about their country. They might not be that “intellectual” but they believe in a united country where every single citizens benefits from it. Even the malays whom i have spoken to tells me that they want equality and a fair play, to compete fairly with everyone regardless of races. They deserve to be respected.

Tunku Abdul Aziz whom i have personally spoken to is a very good example of great men that we have in Malaysia. Tunku Aziz wants to see a better Malaysia which is free from corruption for years to come. A humble man who fights a righteous cause.

The recent downfall of BN is not due solely to our current PM but a series of events that took place long time ago that affects the outcome of the 2008 election.A butterfly effect. There’s a saying ” Like the proverbial butterfly that flaps its wings on one continent and eventually causes a hurricane on another”.

Nevertheless, my respect is to you Dr Mahathir.

With kind regards from
A pharmacist and economist,

Salam to all,

Walau 100..1000 tahun lagi bangsa Melayu akan terus layu..
kata orang jika disebut Me”layu” 44 kali maka akan layulah ia..

1.Melayu lemah kerana tidak menghayati agamanya – Islam.

2.Pemimpin melayu tidak ikhlas membimbing orang melayu menghayati Islam. Islam sebagai mainan dibibir sahaja untuk raih undi.

3. Pembimbing Islam (Ustaz/pendidik/ulamak dll) lebih kearah menegakkan fahaman politi masing2. Tidak peduli tentang amanah asal iaitu membimbing orang Islam kearah yang lebih baik.

Jika depa ni amanah maka tidak akan ada (atau kuranglah) masalah sosial yang semakin parah (rasuah,dadah, buang anak) begitu juga dgn masalah keperibadian yang negatif dapat diperbaiki.

Melayu lemah?
Siapa peduli? …. Tiada siapa.
Perlu ke peduli? .. Tidak!! masing2 ada akal usaha sendirilah! Jika malas..tak makan..lantak le..

I am not Melayu but I am Malay

Salam Tun, Semoga sihat selalu. Bagaimana respon Tun tentang kemenangan DS Awar Ibrahim dengan majority yang lebih besar. Dapatkah beliau menjadi PM pada 16 September ini?

Assalamualaikum Tun,

As always your words continue to inspire us especially the malays to move forward. It has always been the challenge for the malays to be able to compete on a level playing field with the other races as well as the world.

On another matter, I’m currently reading Mahathir Mohamad An Illustrated Biography.

A very interesting book for me. I found that the reading habit has been nurtured into you when you were young. I also found that when you were young you were not allowed to go outside your house compound. Although your father was a strict disciplinarian, it has made you a better person. Your first love later became your wife. Thats true love I would say. Very seldom we can find that nowadays.

Will there ever be another leader like you?

Happy Merdeka and Selamat Menyambut Ketibaan Bulan Ramadhan.

A’kum Tun Dr. Mahathir!

I am with you! Long live Malaysia forever!!!

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