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August 24, 2008

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Picked up from the pieces

An off hand note of events pertaining to affairs – secret or otherwise- through decades of manipulation and moral dodgery.

Sinner or Saint is not within my rights to decipher. It is, but for Allah to decide. Events, though, can be analyzed to determine, and by right it should be, when the welfare of the country and it’s ordinary citizens is at stake. I pray the following statements from a lay who was yelling from his heart ‘Reformasi!!!!’, who could neither digest his food nor his thoughts, whose heart and soul had already amalgamated with the ‘Brother’, who was prepared to forsake his own branch and division, whose family functions too took a back step, whose wife suffered depression and has not recovered completely till date, who even presented and associated Maulana Rumi’s satire with him, who was on the net/cnn /bbc, even Harakah [the fitnah newsletter] everyday till he was released. Forget Mahathir, for he is not worth my comments. But this gentleman, my friend, leader and brother whom I regarded, as another Sukarno, Dr. Hatta, Ghandi, Mendela, Rizal or even Aquino has turned out to be another roadside politician, who has abandoned all his principles, impeccability, true friends and followers. He has picked, along the way, a few useless hoodlums who were never with him in times of need, as his confidantes, he is biting the very hands that freed him and in desperation, is bent on doing just anything to become the Prime Minister of this blessed country. Well that is his right, and he fits the position just like hand and glove, only that the path he is pursuing will destroy the country similar to the way he destroyed PAS, PBS, Semangat 46 and UMNO. Perhaps he has taken over from Vishnu the destroyer. May Allah save him. May Allah save Malaysia.

It was in the early Seventies. As a student leader, albeit anti establishment, Anwar wrote his first book regarding the fate of the PULO [Patani United Liberation Organization] of Southern Thailand. A commendable effort though. I happened to meet him at the printers. [Yayasan Anda Gaya Pos, run by a friend, Daud Seman and his wife Siti Hajar]. They got the book out the very day, but as expected the book was banned immediately by the then Prime Minister Hussein Onn, the reason being ASEAN Solidarity. Anyway, all 2000 copies were sold illegally at 12 times the price. Anwar was arrested, but not before declaring the Prime Minister as Hussein FIROUN. Later, released after protests and demonstrations at the Kg. Baru Mosque, he declared UMNO and it’s members as Kafirs. [only later did PAS continue with the kafir rhetoric]. Little did he realize that he would become a kafir some time sooner than later.

At about the same time, ABIM was already functioning, and if not for the good heartedness of the late Fadhil Noor, Anwar would never have become it’s president. Islam and Islamic youth were used, reused and abused as a platform for personal popularity and gain. Being vocal, though not committed, on Islamic issues, earned him the secretary’s post with WAMY. Now Anwar had two platforms, ABIM to be used locally and WAMY [world Association of Muslim youths] to be used internationally. See, how he was growing and grooming himself into the domains that he neither understood nor could withstand.

Anwar wanted to change Malaysia into an Islamic state. The Iranian revolution was on the cards. The cause was noble off course, but again he was using the wrong methods and wrong ways. He went round the Arab world crying, ‘My country is being ruled by the kafirs, so you people need to help me restore Islam and the Shariah” . For him, anybody beyond the perimeters of ABIM and PMIP were kafirs. The Arab world paid no heed to him as his arguments would paint them kafirs too. Not only that, they had Palestine to contend with, which was more important to them than a boy crying wolf. He forgot that every Arab country had a mission here and the mission would best evaluate the situation on behalf of their nation. But, he managed to get the Saudis to his side of the spectrum, little realizing that actually the Saudis got him to their side, to do their dirty work. “So what, Paris is worth a mass”. quoted by the Protestant heir to the French throne when he was forced to become a catholic to be the King of France.

Meanwhile, ABIM was a mess. They were divided into sects and groups, conveniently calling themselves Usrah groups. The so-called US sisters would conveniently avoid the UK sisters, the UK sisters in turn would conveniently forget the UM sisters. The UM sisters in turn were too mighty to align themselves with the UKM sisters. My God! What more if you are not a graduate? So much for Islamic Solidarity. Believe me, anything with an Islamic label is fake, be it organizations like ABIM or ARQAM, Political parties like PAS, Universities, Colleges, Banks or Insurance companies. They hide behind Islam just to make a fast buck. But the situation in ABIM was really good for the divide and rule policy of it’s president. See, it is repeated today. The Malays, Chinese and Indians get different versions of the same story. When these people actually find out the truth, they are going to hang Anwar Ibrahim upside down. ABIM had many devoted, good, capable and knowledgeable leaders, but many succumbed to the avarice and the greed of their president.

Back to the Saudi connection. They showered him with everything. He became their blue eyed boy. Little did he realize the game they were playing. All of a sudden Yayasan Anda Gaya Pos became Yayasan Anda Akademik with it’s own building totally owned by Anwar. A brand new car with a golden key, paid in full. Where did Anwar an unemployed, get all this money, when an average graduate was earning just around $500.00. Off course the Saudis, you stupid. They showered him with everything but not for nothing. They found in him an excellent agent to propagate their form of Islam known as Wahabbism. We have to accept the fact that there in none better than him in oratorical skills in Malaysia today. Perhaps, now we know how the ‘poor’ angel spent a more than a billion in the last elections. So, Yayasan Anda Akademik became the Wahabbi nest, ABIM became the front and vehicle to spread this evil message across the country. They even built their own mosque in Kg. Terentang, Jasin. The mosque had only one azan for Friday prayers, quoting there was only one azan during the time of the Prophet. Anything else was innovation [ bid’ah ] and eternal damnation. Luckily the Malacca government stepped in and saved the situation. Meanwhile, conferences were held all over the country to eulogize Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab and Ibn Taymiyyah [ the Pauls of Islam ]. Like minded Indonesians were invited to deliver lectures. Even the Dewan Bahasa premises were compromised. Amien Rais of Indonesian Muhamadiah soon became his buddy.

It was during this troubled era that an honest muslim, Dr. Ismail Faruqi rose up to harness the growing tide of negative wahabbi trend in the Muslim world. Since he knew both Anwar and Mahathir personally, He influenced the Prime Minister to invite Anwar into the folds of the government. The Prime Minister thought that it was a good idea. He, a wily politician could kill two birds with one stone. First to destroy PAS, next to control the menace of a budding revolutionary. Anwar, too agreed despite strong opposition from ABIM and despite being offered the position of President of PAS. He too had two birds to kill. One, the assurance of meteoric rise to become Prime Minister, next the chance to award his ardent followers and supporters with power, money and positions.

So, the ball started rolling. Anwar joined UMNO but his mother a local UMNO leader claimed that Anwar had always been an UMNO member and that she had been paying his subscriptions all along. Immediately he rose to take over the Youth Organization. In no time he became Deputy President , Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister with the connivance of the Prime Minister himself. Immediately after assuming his first appointment as the Deputy Minister in charge of Islamic affairs, he banned a local english Islamic periodical ‘Readings in Islam’. Why? First, it had an article by a Sri Lankan Ulama who criticized Saudi “American Islam”. Well, the Saudis were his bosses and friends. Second, the editor of the magazine called him a munafiq and chased him out of his house. When he became Minister of Education, the first thing he did was to remove the special officer to the minister just because the guy was the pro government student leader opposed to Anwar during university days.

Anwar started to build his empire by putting his cronies on almost all key positions in the government. He manipulated UMNO youth and degenerated it into ‘a bunch of ruffians ever prepared to accept his orders’, an image totally revamped by the present leaders who have turned it back to be the most disciplined youth organization in the country. The BTN was his brainchild. He used it to brainwash and program young minds to be his loyal and ardent followers. He filled the official and private media with his cronies. He infiltrated the Universities and through his unique oratory skills mesmerized the young minds that there was no alternative to him, and all in the name of UMNO. Well, there is nothing wrong with that as, every politician of his ire would have done the same.

Anwar destroyed PAS in Kelantan, but lost to Tengku Razaleigh’s onslaught with S46 and so PAS redeemed Kelantan. So, to complement his loss in Kelantan, he had to destroy PBS in Sabah. No doubt, he was a master of the trade, all in the name of UMNO again.

The UMNO elections saw the Mahathir/Razaleigh debacle. The blackout, ballot boxes and the ensuing results at PWTC are open secrets. And who was responsible. None other than Wan Azizah’s father who knew that a Mahathir loss would throw his son-in-law into political oblivion.

Ten years later, the time was ripe. He was in full control as the Deputy President of UMNO and Deputy Prime Minister. He had set his cards right. His men were at the right places. His coffers swelled. He decided almost everything. As Finance Minister, he called for YUSUF’s prudence while pandering all the while. Internationally he was acclaimed one of the three best Finance Ministers of the world, but when hell broke loose all around Asia, though he was unable to do anything, he still tried to overthrow his mentor.

Mahathir Mohamed, by then was already the Prime Minister for almost two decades. He was super intelligent and sly as well. The international arena struggled to cope with such a farsighted politician like him. A person of his calibre would never allow his protege to overthrow him. It never mattered how he did it, but he did get rid of Anwar and the rest is history. Though I never believed a word of it, Sukma Darmawan’s interview has slightly changed my concept. Whatever, Anwar was most cruelly tried and sentenced by the same judges he applauded on previous occasions. No right minded person would accept what happened. But, I also believe that Mahathir’s wisdom of putting him behind bars had valid reasons, but the way and method was definitely wrong. However, if you live by the sword, you have to die by the sword. The sad ‘Ghaffar Baba episode’
was perhaps avenged by natural justice.

Fast forward, recently, the judiciary debacle was settled. The Judiciary has again been put in the right and respected pedestal. Thanks to the wisdom of Pak Lah. The opposition is crying for Mahathir’s blood. ‘Mahathir should apologize’, yells Karpal. Why not? But who was the cheerleader in this long episode . Yes, Anwar has to apologize too. When Mahathir insinuated that the Prophet did not have ‘gillette’ [blade] to shave his beard, who responded by clapping? The hypocrite Anwar off course. Anwar also condemned the protests and demonstrations held by Muslims all over the world during the episode of the Prophet’s caricatures. ‘We should be more civilized”, he said, although the perpetrators of the caricatures were just uncivilized barbarians. But, when he was sacked, he instigated, appealed and proudly proclaimed that hundreds of thousands were on the streets. For him, he is greater than anybody else, but for muslims, Anwar is just a hypocrite.

Now, he has been released, thanks to Pak Lah, He was able to go to Germany for treatment, thanks to Pak Lah again. He is free to tour the country, thanks to Pak Lah. He can contest the elections, thanks to Pak Lah and he can talk and promise anything and everything that he can and cannot deliver [including lies], thanks to Pak Lah. What an ungrateful dog he is? The Malays have a special adage to describe such a person.
Anwar regards UMNO and it’s members as his enemies despite understanding fully well that Mahathir was his only enemy and as the president of the party, he used UMNO in his tirade against Anwar to save himself. Now he not even a member of UMNO and neither is Anwar a member of PKR. RPK whose blog is nothing but lies was virtually unknown. So was Khalid Ibrahim, who was enjoying himself as UMNO treasurer when Anwar was languishing in jail. Almost all his present friends were never by his side during his times of great distress. His present supporters were all living happily without being bothered of what happened to him. Almost everyone , his present clique, had some misfortune and had an axe to grind. Their personal problems, put together, was manipulated into a national problem, and thus March 8th.

Anwar calls UMNO ‘parti rasuah’. Well that’s a joke. UMNO members know that they are no angels, but We might as well ask, who introduced corruption into UMNO? Who brought in ‘money politics’ into UMNO? Who had all the resources at his fingertips? And how did he move like lightning to the top echelons of power without money? Pak Pandir had to dip his hand into shit, then, taste it to prove that it was shit. Well, Anwar should declare that he was super clean during his term in office. We should realize that before Anwar came into UMNO, even the MB of Selangor was jailed for a 150,000.00 corruption offence, a sum he did not even take for himself. We hope Anwar understands or perhaps he would pretend not to understand that he is the sole cause of corruption in UMNO. But, anyway, thanks to Pak Lah, these days the ACA is as free as ever to go after corrupt people wherever they are, including those who want to bribe elected representatives to join their party. One wonders how much a billionaire he is?

Anwar has championed or pretends to champion the Hindraf issue, but after the elections, he has neither spoken to them nor even thought about them. He just used them for personal gain. It is the government that Hindraf should appeal to, not Anwar the chipsmore. He had the cheek to declare in India that the Indians in Malaysia are facing ethnic cleansing. He was booed even by youngsters who were longing to come here to make a living. The Indian mission in Malaysia knows fully well that Malaysia is the only country in the world to have government funded Tamil schools, not even India. They also know there are more temples than Hindus with the tallest statue in the world well placed in it’s midst. They also know that Malaysia is the only country that has declared Thaipusam a public holiday, not even India. They also know the economic power of the Indian community [almost every building along Jalan TAR belongs to an Indian]. From ministers, judges, lawyers, doctors, accountants, architects, shop keepers, vendors, teachers and the entire strata of society is in fact over represented by the Indian community. Cameron Highlands is a showpiece. Almost every building belongs to an Indian. There is evidence of hardcore poor in the Indian community. So is there hardcore poverty in other communities as well, especially the Malay community. The government has always been concerned, and has taken steps to remedy the situation, but if their own leaders have hijacked the government assistance, go fight your leaders, not the government. Anyway, the Indian problem is more social than anything else. It is a 5000 year problem not a 50 year problem as they want us to believe. As long as you allow your child to fondle his or her pet dog but not allow another Indian even into the compound of your house, the Indian/Hindu problem will never cease. Even a minister from India commented that the Malaysian Indians were like ungrateful dogs because they have been bestowed honour, respect and dignity which an Indian Indian can only dream of. However, Anwar has taken them for a long ride.

Anwar was the most vocal in condemning and criticizing PAS and DAP, but for political expediency, what strange bedfellows? The fact is they are just like newly married couples sharing the same bed but refusing to take off their clothes. How long will this nonsense last. Yes, they performed well in the recent elections, but with lies, deceit, promises that were never meant to be kept, phantom voters and money. In the Bangi constituency alone, they brought in 6000 voters from Sri Kembangan and Balakong sleekly and slowly through 4 years. Residence was still Balakong or Sri Kembangan but the address on their ICs was Bangi. Every Indian who voted for the moon or the vehicle to reach the moon was given 50.00. For the first time in the history of the nation did we see Indians carrying PAS flags and Malays shouting, ‘Allahu Akbar! Hidup Lim Kit Siang’. In Bangi alone,there were 15,400 PAS flags @ RM5 per flag sums up to RM77,000.00. This is just flags and the contestant has given a sworn statement that his election expense did not exceed RM100,000.00. These type of liars are our elected representatives. They are nothing but wolves is sheep skin and Anwar the impeccable is their leader. May Allah save the nation from people like him.

To be continued

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