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August 14, 2008

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Before we part and say goodbye, I Demand to Know. I deserve an explanation.

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Scriptures | The Foundation

Started at the age of 4 with Family Business Chores: Youngest of 7, Born to an old father (63yo), mother(38yo),(deceased); Completed local Religious SAR(6)_DiPAD-UITM(1985)_BBAusakansas(1991)_MBAusaohio(1993)_Exp: OilGas_Logistic_Fisheries_Finance_UNHSP-Bappenas Ind.(2003)_TCC Tokyo (1989*)_Orphan+SingleFather+3child_Life Obsession: Ocean_Eradication of Poverty_Human Beings_Believe in Reality is_Parenting Community (Moslem)_Last Deal for Life_to write_Subject; Free, Thoughts, Life, Universe Linkage to Human_

1997 – Ended the final ties with blue eyed companies with oil gas Consultancy work – for the Dutch’s Shell oil company contracting for the Petronas MultiProducts Pipeline in Malaysia’s JV. Returned back to the family business in deep sea Fisheries and developed strategy at the international base.

2001 – applied for the loan worth ONLY USD100,000 for capital extension for trading and fishing vessels that was running; but was promoted to develop a plan to meet the Government request during the Tun Mahathir’s term and was asked to increase the applications from USD100,000 to USD450million, through the Commercial Bank in Malaysia under the Central Bank Program – Venture Capitals.

2002 – managed to contract with China Hainan to mobilize the 120 vessels fleet fishing operations and registered the vessels in Malaysia. Striving with own funding by selling personal properties as to meet the requirement by the banks and the “Ministerial Financial Arranger” through a Government Agency with a price of USD20million for the approval of the fund, which related to the local manager of Maybank Venture and in accordance to the Minister of Agriculture. However the struggle over 2 years running and spending own hard earned money but incurred losses on personal funds accumulated to USD800,000 or RM2.3 million, with no responses from the Government which then later, was justified by the Felcra State Director that the plan was sabotaged; and was confirmed that the Government had no fund for such. While every business plans details were surrendered to the Fisheries Department of Government of Malaysia, and with an appeal to the Prime Minister then was Tun Dr Mahathir, as well as to the then deputy Prime Minister, a presentation were held at the Minister of Agriculture with the assistance of the Minister political Executive in Kuala Lumpur and Department of Fisheries Malaysia in Jakarta. Since the program was told were sabotaged, I moved to overseas to rekindle the program with the partners overseas at a loss of the above. A personal weeping declarations were made at the Central Bank in Kuala Lumpur of the plight and with the knowledge of some RM3.0billion were produced for the project – of the same and of the similar details, of the same source applying the whole white paper produced at the Department of Fisheries.

2005 – discovered the advertisements and websites and were told of the local government plans of mobilizing the operations with a cost of RM500million for the fisherman plans, and RM40 million for an individual with hoping to survey all over the world to hope success will surface for them.

2006 – discovered that the same modus operandi were introduced at the Government level jointly with other companies as Government business’ joint ventures, and as I being excluded but greatly suspicious over the words by the Director General of Fisheries and its Deputies of that earlier proposal as were not viable, yet the Government still maintaining the same figures of of investments, the number of vessels and the modus operandi introduced by the Fisheries DG and the Deputy DG – I felt cheated. I was.

2007 – maintain the height of business after rekindling the contract overseas, with personal losses of USD800,000 or RM2.3 million for nothing, abused of promises by the Government Central Bank and its Commercial Bank to produce a USD450million by the Jasmani Abas of Maybank Venture, private fund manager that claimed inter-related to the Maybank; and the losses of trust by the China investor after contract-to-purchase and joint operations for the 120 vessels fleet, with first registration of vessels as to upkeep their request to see first before produce the fund; as well as to the local Malaysian Chinese company who had took the main ship harvest yet without payment of sharing commission over 7 years; I currently now enjoying the pool of resources outside Malaysia and to regain capture market at again, another personal basis while facing the eyes of the Malaysian Government and its authority if we were to meet at overseas, and websites, through the IOTC’s, the international group traders, the Greenpeace and other International Fisheries organizations.

As a loser in Malaysia and being CHEATED BY, and at the height of struggles, I met an alternative plans ELSEWHERE BUT with one single wish that THOSE WHO UNDERSTANDS TO COMPARE THEIR CLAIMS COMPARED TO MY ORIGINAL INITIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR INVESTMENTS the Government of Malaysia will meet a good luck success for their nations and at anytime when we meet at the middle of the sea.

Current and Future, I to continue writing.

Being born and brought up as a poor people, selling fried noodles at school as to survive, and that Past experience, had taught me to be more independent and cautious with any frauds, Malaysian Government offers or any Malaysian religious movements, its political or individuals even at the schools, banks and retail shop owners in Malaysia. I have waited for some apology, but not anyone surfaced.

December 2007 – I was surprised, I received a call from the Malaysia Government official while I was overseas, asking to borrow some RM30million for their plans to mobilized a fisheries project belong to a man with a “Social Status”. I was also surprised that when I asked for the fish in Labuan, the Fishereis Officer who answered the call request that they have to hold the informations who sell their fish, and everything has got to do must be through them, as the fish is part of their business.

It is depending on your judgement over this Scriptures’ Biography.

Now, at Aged 45, I have to start rebuilding my self again, from zero, with nothing left in hands except the small children mouths that need to feed,

…but I will continue writing. I will write, and write, and write, all about the truth.

I personally thanks to those friends who had accepted this Scriptures as part of theirs. I will not be here, but I am still around. I will be there at the sea. Look out for the sea, I will stand by at the beach. I love this Tanah Melayu, Malaysia as in my NRIC. But, I have to leave to survive. But I will write.

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Lies | Penipuan

I made 4 important calls today, 1 story.

The first was the hotel and resort owner located in Indonesia.

I admired him as a friend, a father figure and as an adviser. He is not interested in money so much, but life for the family, culture and the grandchildren – are utmost. His true life experience is expensive to me. We never had discussed religion. I learnt a lot from him. Today, I spoke 5 sentences. He replied, explained in short – after all the hassles of waiting to talk to him over the last 3 months. A bit hasty, he said that one of his business operations will be stalled soon due to the increase of price of the gasolines. He can’t move. He felt sorry for the people that will loose jobs. The conversations stopped, but I promised to call him again. He is damn rich, but never listed in the Forbes. He is there.

So..Where’s the Lies..

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August 10, 2008

Permatang Pauh | BOMOH Xposed | Function of Money Politic + Medium Politic


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August 9, 2008

Bank on London | Malaysia ACA of Rais of PNB of Maybank of BN of BNM Next


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Azalina Cun

1032 tokyo | latest | RELIGION issue | ASSALAMUALAIKUM TQ for the interest in my web.
I wrote that letter because I got the reliable information from an insider that your so called Muslim government had informed our military government, reminding about me. When I sent the photos of destroying the mosques and tearing of Korans to NST and Abim, NST refused to print as sensitive. Funny. Bangkok newspapers published on the front page. Zahid Hamidi as youth chief declared on the front page that he just came back from Burma. No riots seen. And your PM was the one who protect the generals in Singapore at Asean. Sorry for those Muslims who need to answer in front of Allah FROM : Dr XXX


Jika dah berumur 45 tahun masih mahu di tegur dalam hidup, memang lah tak sadar diri, tak matang, baik jadi binatang.

Jika dah 60 tahun masih macam budak, ikut cara budak sebab perlu di tegur, baik lah jadi binatang.

Jika dah tua nak mampus, dah lepas umur 63 masih pikir dunia ini dia punya? baik lah tukar nama manusia kepada binatang.

KEPADA RAJA DAN SESIAPA YANG ANGGAP DIRI NYA RAJA DI MALAYSIA : Jika nak tukar serah kuasa kepada kawan, beri je..JANGAN BER LAKON, beri macam tukar bini, bunuh yang pertama, ambik yang ke dua. Nak tukar kuasa kepada kawan?..terus kan lah..Jangan bagi orang lain. Pegang lah kuasa dari daerah sama selama lama nya. Kan?kau manusia, pakai tengkolok, lambang manusia, lambang hamba, kau tak ngerti? bergaduh, nak suruh orang yang sedang tidur untuk bangun dan lerai kan kamu? kau ingat, makin tinggi kau naik? makin kuat kau jatuh !!

Jika kau rasa dah tak perlu nak bertaubat nak main kuasa DARI DAERAH SAMA oleh kawan dan taulan dari satu kaum..CUBA LAH…ulang kebodohan kamu, ulang rakyat, ulang kebodohan kamu !!

ingat, kamu jangan guna kan tanah manusia biasa ni untuk raih diri kamu !

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