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August 9, 2008

Republic of Malaysia | Anthem | Proposal


Inspirational Song for Republic of Malaysia | Lyrics to be Modified | Rewrite

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PERJUANGAN BELUM SELESAI | 不安定な闘争をする | Неурегулированности борьба

August 3, 2008

British-Colonial Theory Failed Malaysia : Missing Trillion$ Questioned : until PRU13

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British Colonial + Pirates From Philippines + The Portuguese Soldiers were employed to Rape Robbed Destroy the Administration of the old Kingdom of Johor Lama of Melaka Pergam Muar Johor with The Daeng Conspiracy with British that Lead Chaos over Johor Lama until the Young Prince were Appointed and Cheated Swindled to surrender the Crown to ONLY be the Temenggung of Johor River as Administrator ONLY but Malay KERIS and UMNO appointed them as Sultan of Johor even Temenggung they knew that they are ONLY TEMENGGUNG and REFUSED to be raised as SULTAN, and refused to Release the Original Scriptures of the wonership of Riau Lands which is kept in Johor Palace; THE TRAITOR who knows they are traitor, to the old kingdom, of Melaka JASIN PERGAM FAMILY IN MUAR JOHOR MALAYSIA: DEPRIVED, VICTIMIZED, HELPLESS AND SILENCED. LOOK RIGHT : THE FIGHT IS ON – THE DARKNESS TO DAWN !!

Crony Head to Political Turmoil Malaysia

Crony Head to Political Turmoil Malaysia


King and Sultans Monthly Allowance

Relations Allowance

Crony Allowance

Runs in Millions

Creed Greed Corruptions Runs in Billions



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Malaysia Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi Wedding Photos

Malaysia Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi Wedding Photos

1. GAP Category RM 500 pm :

Malays + Indian + Chinese : and Bumiputra Under Privileged

2. GAP Category RM 500 – 1500 pm :

Malays + Indian = 80%

Chinese = 20%

3. GAP Category RM 1500 – 5000 pm :

Malays + Indian = 30%

Chinese = 70%

4. GAP Category RM 5000 – 10000 pm :

Malays + Indian = 20%

Chinese = 80%

5. GAP Category RM 10000 – 15000 pm :

Malays + Indian = 10%

Chinese = 90%

6. GAP Category RM 15000 – 20000 pm :

Malays + Indian = 1%

Chinese = 99%

7. Share Category RM 100,000 – 500,000 pm :

Drug Trafficker  = 20%

Prostitution = 20%

Gambling = 20%

Cheats = 20%

Robbery = 20%

Corruption = 20%

8. Share Category RM 100,000 – 500,000 pm :

Rulers / its Associates = 30%

Politician / Its Associates = 30%

Foreigner Liars = 20%

Internet = 19%

By Chance = 1%

Malaysia Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi Wedding Photos

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Crony Head to Political Turmoil Malaysia

Project 5 usd MARK UP 5000 usd


Crony Head to Political Turmoil Malaysia

Project 5000 usd BORROWINGS : 500,000 usd

Crony Head to Political Turmoil Malaysia


Crony Head to Political Turmoil Malaysia


King and Sultans Monthly Allowance

Relations Allowance

Crony Allowance

Runs in Millions

Creed Greed Corruptions Runs in Billions



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Republic of Malaysia Widget





The Colonial & Pirates Prada


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Updates : Message


like the corrupted affendi nawawi, mahyudin corrupted in Johor will be off politic.

like dictator mahathir, anwar will be off politic.

like traitor musa hitam, razaleigh will be off.

like crony badawi, khairy will be off.

unlike tajol, hishamudin and mukhriz, umno members are greed and cannot accept good value in their eyes.

malays are twisted from british ideology.

corrupt as their sultan and lanun kings.

malays are dominated by fed to be fooled and dependent on easy life.

world is changing, malay will be left behind, like minority indonesian.

malays will be left behind, by reality xenophobia.

malays is at doom.

malays is laughed about.

malays can’t read.

malays are late to realize they are matured,

by the time they really realize, the time is too late, too late that the chances are gone.

malays are robbed, by the greed and creed leaders among them.

the fiftieth gate arrive, when there’s no wrong nor faults.

when they realize, which is story is true to follow.

by then, even religion is not important to them.

malaysia is part of the malays.

malays will be structured in malaysia.

by non malays.

as a malaysian.the malays, will bite fingers.

the ethnicity will be gone.

the malays will be raped robbed and gone

under the carpet of a malaysia

and no one will look up at malays.

the history will evolve.

similar to lebanon.

majority of feedbacks, are from non malays

majority of concerns are from non malays

majority of whom really wants to live are non-malays.

majority who concern and loud are non-malays.

because, they want to live.

live now, not for after death.

live now, to live.

live now, loud now, because now is now.

tomorrow, none knows.

now is now, now is non-malays feedbacks.

malays, can’t be changed.

malays only malays, all to god, to their allah.

malays greed but know no-where to live

malays “thought”, they are “successful”.

malays thought, life is all about sex and money.

malays thought, life after death is better than present.

malays thought, islam is the best.

malays thought, they are superior,

malays thought, they own malaysia.

malays thought, other will fight for them.

malays thought, outside world is bad.

malays thought, better reserve rather than get punished.

malays thought, the punishment now is worst.

malays thought, they are lavish.

malays thought, they are the king.

malays thought, life is ended.

malays thought, they are the only malays.

malays forgot life after death is nothing than only to god.

because malays never know the feeling

life after death


Islam taught malays..its wrong to think life after death..and

leave everything to god, their allah.

malays are like other failed human.

human who never cheerish life after death in his present life.

malays were taught the makrifah.

but malays were only realize the tsunami

but malays, but human, but malays,

have seen in their field of disaster,

but they never realize.

they thought, there will be life after death and

they will enjoy in the heaven or hell.

because malays, because human,

never learned to be a human.

never learned to arrive at makrifah. or even,

as messenger to god.

they thought, they are human who is already near to god.

so they thought, its already enough.

because they taught,

let it be the messenger muhamad to deal for them

like the non-moslem, to let the ghost and taghut to deal for them

like other human, to let the big powers to pity or fight for them

malays, is part of it, the awakening that will arrive, at even even the next tsunami arrive,

they will never learn.

they said,

we live for now,

but they forgot, that they must fight for better tomorrow

and they said to all those fighters, who lead for better tomorrow, as crazy and proud

but when they live in that good tomorrows, they said

those fighters were crazy and so so proud that now they enjoy all the struggles

which in reality, they never at all participate.

they, will be forgotten.

malays, one day, will be a monument, like berhala, like god that their grandchildren pay respects and

the history evolve, new religion arise

the god is their malays ancestors.

history said history repeats.

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ALL poor given MONTHLY WELFARE RM 1500 to the Poor and Old-Folks Homes Residence

ALL Citizen salary MINIMUM 3,000

ALL Citizen / Foreigner salary MAXIMUM 15,000

ALL business corporate worth RM 100 million Allowed Appoved Capital MUST : UMBRELLA 10 number of new NON-CRONY through PNB

and increase by each tenth : eg 200 Million umbrella 20 cos.

ALL Banks in Malaysia owned 50% by PNB

PNB owned 50% to be managed by Cooperative Administrator

Income from Caught-Criminals to be PUNISHED for Infra-Development, not to the Police Income


Members of Item 9 are allowed to hold one position and job income


READ : PRU 13 Campaigns

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August 1, 2008

Malaysia : Sosial : Ketuanan : Falsafah Realiti Abad 21

LINK : Chapter X : Socials « REPUBLIC of MALAYSIA : Homepage : BLACK : Transformations

Malaysia : Ekonomi : Transformasi Minda Ekonomi

LINK : Chapter IX : Economics « REPUBLIC of MALAYSIA : Homepage : BLACK : Transformations

Malaysia : Aspirasi : Kebangkitan Kemanusiaan

LINK : Chapter VIII : Aspirations « REPUBLIC of MALAYSIA : Homepage : BLACK : Transformations

July 31, 2008

Transformasi Ekonomi Malaysia : Guideline

Link: Kegagalan di World Trade Org. : Teori TongSampah Kapitalis Spekulator Eropah dan Amerika

July 29, 2008

Duit Welfare Bayar rm1500/bln pada orang susah : GLC banyak Untung:KAN?

Petronas dan Harta Business Rakyat Malaysia GLC : PULANG kan

Jangan ajar orang tanam sayur, Petronas di sambar DAIM dan KJ.
Ajar orang dapat duit welfare.
Modal berbillion: Raja Sultan hidup mengangkang duit.
By now, mesti dah ada untung :
Itu kan duit dan harta rakyat:? malam ni makan dinner hotel mana?
Business Untung itu kan Faedah Rakyat? Harus pulang KAN kpd rakyat. bukan tunggu bonus.
Jika tidak ada untung, soal : mana modal ratusan juta ?
Betul ke? modal dah keluar, atau itu hanya NOMOR saja? atau bank TAKdapat sumber pinjaman luar cari modal?..MALAYSIA betul ke ada DUIT NI?

No 2. : Ng Yen Yen tak buat kerja: CAKAP MEMANG PANDAI : HAPRAK MACAM RAPEDAH : LAMBAT LEMBAB AYUN : Jabatan KMasy gagal cari nama manusia miskin. Manusia susah di bandar macamana? manusia bankrap tak boleh buat bisnes lagi?macamana? manusia yang kena buang kerja?macamana?

Ng Yen Yen PELECEH : baik pulang je ke Labis Gemas cari geng MCA DAP PENYAMUN CINAINDIAMELAYU dan duduk dalam hutan sana jual minyak Diesel curi dalam hutan Negeri, Pahang, Jengka, Segamat, Labis, Kuantan, Mersing.


Ketua Balai ada 9 – 20 biji kereta. DADAH LACUR MINYAK !! JAHANAM lah korang !!

ACA BUAT APA? nak tunggu report RM1.00 dulu baru nak bertindak ke?

atau sama sama makan budi ?


July 27, 2008

Jiwa Melayu di Main Lagi : Cukup !! Kami dah Baca Rentak

Link : Jika MuqaHibah Kaya Miskin

tidak sepakat dengan Perbincangan

dari anggota Neutralis + UMNO + PAS ?

Maka PRU 13 Neutralis tetap turun padang

Message very Simple : We rejected UMNO Cronyism Political-ideology

We want Malaysia Malaysia

July 23, 2008

Malaysia Ngundi POLL Lagi : Target 20.08.2008 : PRU 13

Undi Poll Lagi : Status Ke’Rajaan tukar ke Pe’Merintah

Jahanam lah Korupsi UMNO

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July 22, 2008

WordPess22 : Multi-Bahasa 10 Languages : Kempen PRU 13

SEBARKAN : Target Kempen Malaysia PRU 13

Rakyat Neutralis 50% Step-1

Tolak Korupsi 50 tahun di Jajah ideology-British : Bawah Pentadbir Negara : KORUPSI UMNO + KORUPSI Opposition

Rakyat Subsidi di TIPU :

Nawaitu Target Tukar di PRU 13 :

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MP Declare Asset ? Tak Payah pun Tak Apa – Nawaitu KAMI TUKAR di PRU 13

MP UMNO NAK DECLARE ASSET ? Syed Hamid, Mahyuddin ? Naib Presiden UMNO ?

Updates :email : Mereka tak don’t declare its alright_the manifesto is being written  since and now, and we will ripped you down the helm_at any snap polls and general election_WE KNOW THE TRUTH_ YOU ARE EMBARRASSING_ MEMALU KAN_PEROSAK BANGSA_PEROSAK IMAN KAMI_after all, ini kan politik, sesiapapun boleh jadi pemimpin fresh_yang tak sadar tu Melayu subsidi.

quote: anda melayu susidi ke ? naik haji ada subsidi ke ?

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July 20, 2008

HITAM : Kempen PRU 13 : Ekonomi : Cepumas 1

KLIK LINK Bahasa Melayu ni : Baca dan Paham kan

Kempen PRU 13 : Di Warung: Lagu Black Magic Woman Ada?: Santana ke ?

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