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Rubbish on My Face

I got into school. I became the class reps. I was told to look after the class clean. I resorted to arrive early before the school starts and ensured the classroom is cleaned. Lesson 3.

My first job commands a big pride. Not bullied, but by sweeping the floor, as I was told that I may learn each individuals and behaviors of the office business. It was Japanese company. I am glad I know them. Tokyo is clean. The road is sparkling at night, they did a trick on that; they used some kind of iron sands materials with the tarmacs; on certain part of the Otomachi’s business district. They divisioned the architectures there into 3 different categories; well landscaped. I don’t care much about the architectures, instead I photographed the tarmacs. Lesson 4.

I love Tokyo. I love cleanliness. I love hygiene stuff. I traveled the world. All city is just another city. I concluded Tokyo is the best. Noted.

I hit the mall with my children late evening today, had nice pizza, short dinner, quiet, less talking night, good service, I paid for it. Bought the ice cream for them, and rushed home. The mall is expensively large, cooled as Nottingham in the summer. Well located near the Carrefour supermarket, and the city train commuter station. In this beautiful home garden area, I walked from my apartment to the mall. 5 minutes and stumbled upon the Carrefours goers and general public, like me, the commoners. The way one’s dressed, the way they lean on the pillars, sit duckings “nongkrong” at the pavements, may distinguished the locals to foreigns. The mall’s I love, managed by the American, they just renovated and super tidy. No smell, unlike the Carrefours. I described it as a mall with ..Superb taste to roll up on my face..infact I love the mall since it was the first, caters the local community since way back early 80’s. In fact its enough and better than the Otomaches, Harrods or Senayans…I appreciate every single moment of life. Hot humidity I try to tolerate. I can’t be in Tokyo, London, Jakarta all time. I admire people and gesture them nicely, seldom go out to public, much contented to mails and internet to attend to my work. There that evening, and every time I go out, I want to enjoy my world. There, the youngsters, in front of me as we walked home 15 minutes ago. He missed dropped off the mags wrapper “dropped on my face” _on that shining beautiful pavement that I admire. it must had cost the management over few hundreds thousands USD to upgrade them…I thought, it was a missed drops. The wrapper is still new. Flown to my feet and, it stopped me. I stopped. My 2 small children stopped and looked up my face. My helpers were at the back, they stopped. I stopped. The world stopped.

The youngsters, walked off, spontaneously my feet up, runs, I rushed at one of them, she looked at me. She smiled…I lost my word…

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