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d7000y was originally titled Garisan Tebal Dalam Hati 7000 Tahun Lagi means A Thick Lined Drawn in Heart for 7000 Years More depicts a moment of the author’s heart feelings towards the individuals and authorities who destroyed his sincere intentions towards the people, to eradicate the poverty he lived in; indirectly explained but applicable noticed at translating the whole synopsis of the journey, depending on how you translate. He had presented. You translate. Please.

End Quote:..”..We human shall need no government funding program to run an authentic real human business to feed another human. Government-tools are the one who should be darn good enough to sustain their own political game they had won, to be Capable enough to run the country, without the penalty on human to give away their rights just to make up the government needs. If someone is rich, just give and turn around and leave. Don’t ask for anything in return from those who receive. The wealth are from human and this mother earth. The wealthy are only the trustees to this mother earth. Its not theirs. Learn that human we are all the same. Arrive to this level of human, bet they will realize that no-one thing is greater than the other. So be it to feed the role and to be fed – to control the human. Without using others who sleep with their children on the newspaper covered floors. Someone has to pay. To give. For human.

..As this is a family own business, there is nothing to rush for expansion, but give back. Not to fight back. Reality is.”

Regret, Sorry, Signed, ABAH.


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