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Lanun Batu Putih

Interesting to find out, with the availability of friends at international level, when we are connected to the world from a..desk//..After all, other than writing, and reading..see the perspectives from others, the views from the non Malaysian overseas..they look at us at different wave and approaches..We are not at all to write..we were spoon school, at home, at blogs, and at the territorials control..Lucky enough that Batu Putih is not at Jalan Tun Razak..!! otherwise by tomorrow we will see thousands of heroes of the 30’s and 40’s standing in front of… “that Batu Putih House*at Jalan Tun Razak?“..and see flocks of (*) the bunch of smart people with smart brain with tons of money buying helping hand buy packed food for their friends, while some getting ready with the water machine that can wash their faces..and talk loud over the know..none of them talk at the Batu Putih’s sea, in front of that real Batu Putih, like the Greenpeace boys?..oh, by the way, none of us has a boat to present there tonight…plumb terrible...but understandably that, Jakarta is watching and after all, nonsense spending tons of money to..//..everyone has their own interest in that issue..//..some were more concerned that there may be a new beginnings..//..will surface the real truth of the myth of the former kingdom..//..Reality to the commoners are the losses impacted the government tax payers money over spendings on this particular IJC’s..What who Kay Kim got to say about this, after brother Rais said …forget it..!! should be able to address issues at their nose : the cost Malaysian commoners suffered after banks repossessed houses and properties, after they lost their jobs…message from Japan.. and, That cost (ICJs) vs Batu Putih’s costs..I go for ..” look at you problem sweep your backyard cleaned first..why not? “..message from France..

Someone had said to me once, …Biarin itu berlaku pak..kami masih banyak ratusan ribu pulau, ambil yang dua itu pak..tak pernah ganggu kami, tapi kasian saya lihat adik kecil saya meratap..sejarah bapak sendiri apa bapak sudah tahu..? nahhh itu lah pak..dunia dalam laut…

Another person had said to me..(*) hey (*) can you help me to destroy my house on that beach coz I will never go to your (*) people are sick…

My comment: the losses that’s more crucial is when I lost an idea. at regain conscious after that few moments..maybe I might unable to hit what I missed..(therefore..WRITE)..And another quote I collected from a Mandarin book, said that..don’t let others remind you that your mother is a woman, and did not your mother never taught you the meaning of the long hairs..

Batu Putih/long hairs/woman/mother/ideas/..its unjustice for us to be fed..all time.

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