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Human are always late to realize that they are already the time they realized, they discovered that they are too late to start anything..(ref: i don’t know, you may ciplak it, but I read somewhere..)

My Jewish Professor had once said..Go back to your Far are fast human being..Go back and teach all you people to become one..teach your Islam to become one..(ref:1989)

You missed a Point There..

There are many unanswered issues among the bickers. They are quarreling. Talk through their nose. We are embarrassed by questions from the foreign friends; who concern about these leaders. They featured themselves as the heroes, placed up their own placards to the eyes of the world. Who I am? What I want? Don’t you ever cried while reading on that mat ? If one cannot settle their own disputes in their own house, then give ways for others. Forgive and Forget. If you are better than any other and gain the power?..prove your money to the people. Publicized them. Don’t take the commoners money to run the party. We don’t choose a leader who had sat on the road and stamped-qualified them to sit in the Parliament. No doubt, but we admit that some don’t “mind the trees” to pluck that “green apples” to “feed the horse”. Summer tells a lot…

Many wrote in the blogs without any references, or without their own personal experience. Copy cats analyzer with no strings to a real life problem. Hence, it encouraged those leaders to further talking through their nose, and getting speculations over cheap media coverage. Hey, our children also want to eat and seek good life too.

To my foreign friends and those in overseas, with regard to all of them, Mahathir, Anwar, Lah and Nik, among all of them, I said you had just missed a point. I maintained a stand to point my finger (*) at The Banker. If a politician, defending their bankers, then they are part of the culprit. Its not about religion, or some animal who thought we have problem within the community. Hey, we are as sophisticated as you. We are populated by 99.99% Human. 1% is animal. I admit that. They ignore their ancestors religion. Eastern people is all about religion. Not that Religious, but Religion.

The banker are depending on the politicians and…hit speculations. Read Forex. The commercial bankers are still free. They are still free to decide behind the pillars of that banks. Commoners missed them. Malaysian tends to concern more on the 10 sen 20 sen food matters. What else do we want in this life? Malays private investments in (*) had gone into the (*) bank establishment, where “they” are making profit to benefit themselves, but being managed at the top level by the (*), and the stories goes on an on and on. READ.

3 months after the election, the bankers are still of the same group, attitude and practicing the law of certain perspectives from certain (*). Low class media coverage had near missed about the BANKERS. I was told that certain companies had to que long before a decision is made by the bankers, because they want to see the present PM’s stands. Then speculations happened. Pak Lah is not that bad. Mahathir is better as he had proven over that 20 years. But the first main culprits are the bankers. You know what I mean.

Flashback: When Indonesia’s PRU was over, the bankers were dismantled and re-structured. Flashback: Many times the Japanese premier changed, the leadership in their banking system also changed. Flashback: Equal wealth distribution starts at the bank. READ.

There will be no multi-racial unrest, because we don’t have that vocabulary of the meaning “multi racial” in Malaysia. We are one. We are similar to Indonesia if you go to visit them, they are one, Indonesia. If Malaysia were to have that multi-racial, then, it was a mistake. Apology for that Tourism Department or the late Tun Razak’s T Rahman’s Muhibbah’s plans for that matter. We are equally the same, we don’t have the vocabs on “titles” on our eyes, we are equally the same as practiced by our late father who fought for Malaya from the colonialism, intrusions, by British and several others.

Similar to your country, some are clever, some are less clever. Some are ignorant, some are authoritative. Like you, in one big family at home, not all are good. Not all are bad. People will always get furious when they have no money. If they have, they don’t disturb others.

THE Problem in Malaysia and your home country, everywhere in the world is.. the BIG IS, as a human, there are LIARS outside there. “PEH*NI*PU”. Many are not happy over the financial matters. The answers falls back is – to the Banker. The problem is at the bank.

Among them, Anwar, Mattyr, BadaWi, Nik, Kirpal and Kit Siang, they are cari makan too. They need to survive as their source of income. < I go for the bankers. Generally, they are the LIARS. Lets wait till the congress of “Kampung Melayu Majidee” having their own bank. Then we set up a new ball game orders. Regardless of the present bicker boys. < done.

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