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Where’s the Lies

I made 4 important calls today, 1 story.

The first was the hotel and resort owner located in Indonesia. I admired him as a friend, a father figure and as an adviser. He is not interested in money so much, but life for the family, culture and the grandchildren – are utmost. His true life experience is expensive to me. We never had discussed religion. I learnt a lot from him. Today, I spoke 5 sentences. He replied, explained in short – after all the hassles of waiting to talk to him over the last 3 months. A bit hasty, he said that one of his business operations will be stalled soon due to the increase of price of the gasolines. He can’t move. He felt sorry for the people that will loose jobs. The conversations stopped, but I promised to call him again. He is damn rich, but never listed in the Forbes. He is there.

The second person was a lady, in a different city. She is still single, elegant, sophisticated, religious and operates her own family business. I admired her. Once we had lunch together, allowed me to sit next to her beautiful gorgeous sister, a beautiful experience I guess. Honored. Very well to do business. As the CEO, she’s well trimmed. How’s life, and she said, Great !! But I can’t employ you it must be very expensive, she said. Oh no, I said, just to survive, how’s the business keeping. She said every thing’s fine and goes according to the plan. I can spare few days for you she said, as she invited me and the children to visit their heritage family, 2 hours by plane from her city. Yes, I will visit them, very soon. To upkeep the relations. Why not?

The third person was a business owner and consultant to an International bank, just around the corner of the lady I spoken to earlier, but not of the same organization. I called, he was at the outside. Raining. I can hear that. Last Friday he wrote to me and asked for assistance. The previous company that where we got acquainted with, had closed down. They had ran the multi billion dollars businesses for the Japanese. Long outstanding years. The Japanese got the wealth. They, the Japanese closed down. The locals in that company used to have strong powerful connections comparable to the lady’s. Linked to the no 1, 2, 3, 4 and to the last digit number in that nation. They claimed. Today, he said that he needs to get a good job to sustain his life and his family in that big city. I told him that I will email him with my schedule and,..lets see what can we do together, I promised him.

The fourth person I called was supposedly to speak to a new friend. Just to say hi..hello, the same reason with those that I had spoken earlier. He is a jobber to me, professionally as a security personnel in another big city. I was told that he is leaving for Korea to get a better job, for a better pay. But for today, I managed to speak only with his wife, a kindergarten teacher. I had traced their home address and mapped at the Google Map search, and I can understand their life pressure. But, he is working, he has a job with no concerns about all the three stories above. The wife asked me when will I visit them. I said soon. I will.

I looked outside the window with my eldest son. Heavy rain. Dark skies. I remembered many politicians in the country, all over the world in fact, had said, had promised to bla bla bla…They run the nations. They had promised. The air, in this raining season is so hmmm smelly. many stories were untold.

A relation came to visit us and I was told that one man had flown over a village in Indonesia, and threw hard cash over poor people, some may be rich ones, and I felt so proud to hear that kind of story in this rain. That man was not a politician, but..He just give.

Surprise, and magic. The magic wand is in your hand. Some are crazy enough and refused to be known in their society, religion, corporate circles, politics, or social status, but..“That man”, he had repeated a crazy quests to be a real life legends, the epic of the bla bla bla rich man throwing money from the sky.

..” Today, I share with you my diary. No need to hack my computers like the last night. I can share. Can you share? What do you really want in your life?..” I bet, you won’t.

So..Where’s the Lies..

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