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August 24, 2008

CIA Tanah Melayu | Blogged

CIA | Blogged

Thank you to Patek 1472 but No Thank You.

Bangsa Malaysia? or Bangsa Melayu? Pertahan kan Tanah Melayu?

Apakah Ultra-Melayu akan berdiam diri jika Tanah Melayu di Godam?

Dari mana pula Hadir nya Hyper-Ultra-Melayu?

Pembaca mampu bezakan soalan dan komentar yang di terima di bawah, sila terjemah kan maksud tersirat ?


270908 | Creating a ‘Facebook For Spies’

By Steven Musil, CNET News

One might expect James Bond’s MySpace page to list shaken martinis, Walther PPKs, and Aston Martins among his interests.

While that scenario is a bit far-fetched, agents for the CIA, FBI, and National Security Agency are testing a social networking site designed for use by analysts within the 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, according to a report on CNN’s Web site. Instead of posting thoughts on music and movies, the agents use the site — called A-Space — to share information on terrorist activities and troop movements around the world.

The social networking site has been undergoing testing for months and was expected to officially launch to the nation’s entire intelligence community on Sept. 22, CNN reported.

“It’s every bit Facebook and YouTube for spies, but it’s much, much more,” Michael Wertheimer, assistant deputy director of National Intelligence for Analysis, told CNN. “It’s a place where not only spies can meet but share data they’ve never been able to share before. This is going to give them for the first time a chance to think out loud, think in public amongst their peers, under the protection of an A-Space umbrella.”

The information posted to the new social network is highly classified and won’t be accessible by the general public, CNN reported. Access will be limited to intelligence personnel with the proper security clearance and a reason to be examining particular information. A-Space’s creators don’t want the network to become a gold mine of sensitive information for future double agents.

“We’re building (a) mechanism to alert that behavior. We call that, for lack of a better term, the MasterCard, where someone is using their credit card in a way they’ve never used it before, and it alerts so that maybe that credit card has been stolen,” Wertheimer told CNN. “Same thing here. We’re going to actually do patterns on the way people use A-Space.”

©2008 CNET Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. CNET, and the CNET logo are registered trademarks of CNET Networks, Inc. Used by permission.

Patek1472 | |

Malaysian’s Sensitivities. A Foreigner’s Guide?
(Sensitiviti rakyat Malaysia? Panduan untuk Pelawat Asing?)

Malaysians are sensitive like the plant called Mimosa. They curled and closed up so fast the moment something touches them.
(Rakyat Malaysia adalah sensitive umpama tumbahan Mimosa. Ia mengerekot dan menutup dengan cepat apabila disentuhi.)

Malaysians are also sensitive like a woman scorned. Say anything right or wrong and wait for her to unleash the storm.
(Rakyat Malaysia juga seumpama wanita dihina. Cakap betul ke salah tetap tetap kena belasah umpama menunggu angin ribut.)

So, if you are a foreign visitor to Malaysia, please be aware of the following, else you may be charged under the Internal Security Act or Sedition Act or maybe get whacked or maybe get a cold reception.
(Jika anda seorang pelawat asing ke Malaysia, kenalah prihatin, silap-silap terkena dakwaan di bawah ISA atau Akta Hasutan atau kena tumbuk atau mendapat reaksi dingin.)

1. Do not talk anything about Pigs or Dogs or Cows or Snakes.
(Jangan bercakap apa-apa berkenaan Babi atau Anjing atau Lembu atau Ular.)

2. Do not talk anything about Mongolia, Israel or Singapore.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan Mongolia, Israel atau Singapura.)

3. Do not talk anything about C4.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan C4.)

4. Do not talk anything about Sodomy.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan Liwat.)

5. Do not talk anything about Religion.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan Ugama.)

6. Do not talk anything about God.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan Tuhan.)

7. Do not talk anything about Bumiputera or Race.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan Bumiputera atau Bangsa.)

8. Do not talk anything about ISA or Sedition Act.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan ISA atau Akta Hasutan.)

9. Do not talk anything about sleeping.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan tidur.)

10. Do not talk anything about oil.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan minyak.)

11. Do not talk anything about any sound or prayers you hear.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan bunyi atau sembahyang yang kedengaran.)

12. Do not talk anything about the Bar Council.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan Majlis Peguam.)

13. Do not talk anything about the latest world fashions.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan fesyen dunia terkini.)

14. Do not talk anything about the latest world singers.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan penyanyi dunia terkini.)

15. Do not talk anything about the latest novels.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan novel terkini.)

16. Do not talk anything about the latest music.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan muzik terkini.)

17. Do not talk anything about the best universities.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan universiti terbaik.)

18. Do not talk anything about local universities.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan universiti tempatan.)

19. Do not talk anything about keris or songkok.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan keris atau songkok.)

20. Do not talk anything about Mat Rempits, Ah Longs or Transvestites.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan Mat Rempit, Ah Long atau Pondan.)

21. Do not talk anything about tolls, electricity or water.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan tol, elektrik atau air.)

22. Do not talk anything about prices of cars, education, sin or not sin taxes.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan harga kereta, pendidikan, cukai haram atau tidak haram.)

23. Do not talk anything about Press Freedom.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan Kebebasan Akhbar.)

24. Do not talk anything about Past Malaysian History.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan Sejarah Malaysia Lampau.)

25. Do not talk anything about The Malaysian Constitution.
(Jangan bercakap berkenaan Perlembagaan Malaysia.)

In short, when visiting Malaysia, pretend to be Malaysians, be dumb and deaf and don’t even think because a lot of people can read your mind and know ahead what you are thinking or planning to do.
(Secara ringkasnya, apabila melawat Malaysia, berpura-pura jadi rakyat Malaysia yang bisu dan pekak dan jangan sekali-sekali fikir kerana ramai orang boleh membaca minda dan ketahui apa yang difikirkan atau dirancang oleh anda.)

If you are the type who just need to talk, just talk about the weather only in Malaysia and anything else critical of any other country except Malaysia. Don’t even wish anybody, else you may be seen offending someone’s religion.
(Jika anda jenis yang suka bercakap, cakap sahaja tentang cuaca di Malaysia dan benda-benda lain yang mengkritik Negara lain kecuali Malaysia.)

Just enjoy the scenery and pay as you go along. Better still, get an Electronic Payment Toll Card and you don’t even have to talk to anyone.
(Nikmatilah pemandangan sekeliling dan bayarlah semasa merayau-rayau. Seeloknya dapatkan Kad Bayar Tol Elektronik dan anda tidak perlu bercakap dengan sesiapa pun.)

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