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August 22, 2008

NATO after Malaysia? | Blogged

for Malaysia Thru Anwar? Iran was here meeting Pak Lah? Blair was here to Warning Malaysia? After Philipine, Malaysia next for NATO in Asia?

Link here NATO

12 Responses to “P 44 Najib And Team Lost, A Getting Out Singal New Team Getting In”

  1. Not yet.

    417 already told you.


  3. anwar akan kena blogged.

    khairy, ezam juga kena blogged.

    dap juga kena blogged.

    nahdatul ulama indonesia juga sedang dis i serang blogged di indonesia..

    the war is against a conspiracy.

    by british and usa.

    camping in Ipoh.

    chief is back and sleep with them in ipoh.

    no one knows.which one among them is the chief.

    khairy, you shouldn’t destroy khazanah in langkawi.

    why the plane crash in trengganu?.

  4. this your chance to get khairy down
    khazanah issue in langkawi
    test pilot company

    any idea?

    this your chance to expose anwar
    with the boys and the ladies
    in london
    over london issue.

    your chance to expose intelligen malaysia
    in london

    your chance to expose NU indonesia
    over USD issue.

    your chance to ##### malaysia
    over USD issue.

    your chance to circle USA and British
    over spying in Asian as issue.

    your chance to see from a bird’s view
    that malaysia is going for civil war.
    anwar continue

    will make big money after this
    lots of cases to handle.

    langkawi pilot company,
    why go trengganu?
    why crash?
    how much money lost?
    why go back langkawi?
    what khazanah do in langkawi?
    why khairy approve that in langkawi?
    who is in langkawi?

    how come, Public listed company, owns by one man?

    got the clue?

  5. pak lah

    don’t under estimate him.

    mahathir and anwar
    make wrong judgement.

    sang kanchil badawi in communication.

    some of your comments never we published right?

  6. paris socialist now active over issue
    who supporting anwar.

    georgia is beginning
    to show
    usa don’t meddle world orders.

    1985..langkawi, KGB got caught


  7. malaysian intelligen
    IGP in ward.
    who the SB
    ACA fumbles.
    Pak Lah took train ride.
    Chief in Ipoh.
    walk infront the minister
    no one knows.
    an eye meet an eyes, makes the whole world blind.
    malaysiakini is
    only a story.
    military is not najib.
    military is pak lah.

    pak lah is getting stronger.
    to discover the truth
    for fellow malaysian.
    one-more year, not 2010.
    he will step down.
    let him finish his work.
    after all gone.
    after pemilu 2009 cleared.
    all in anwar basket
    and supporting him
    are cornered.
    don’t be one of them.
    one more year.

    you have the choice.

  8. by the way
    pak nik also in ward.


  9. everyone took leave.

    why we worry?

    the big guns are taking leave already.

    new dawn by DAP engguan?

    careful brother.

    the cancer is back.
    traced in the blogs.

  10. complete 10 comments.

    malaysia !! wake up !!
    anwar do not know who used him !!

    let me tell.


    british agencies are in penang 2 months ago.
    they ride on bicycles.

    usa, they asked to stop harassing anwar
    because they scared
    iran will defend malaysia
    if anwar arise.
    and moscow already with iran.

    pemilu 2009 indonesia is the climax.
    whoever the next president to be were summoned
    to meet white house
    Gus Dur is flushing the USD
    ringgit strengthen
    usd weaken.
    the only choice is

    you want some more?

    malaysia yes have money.

    japan already say yes to chief.
    and sounded the putrajaya.

    usa is
    to tumble further
    if petronas not in their hand.
    anwar is the last resort
    to get petronas
    to start court calls.

    who will suffer?


    choice IS yours.

    orang kampung tak tahu.

    tranung kite tak tahu.

    malaysia kini tak tahu.

    details, cannot prevails, hypersecret.
    we are not RPK.

    who is RPK?

  11. comment number 11.
    batu tiang 2.
    1 and 1.

    if malaysia wrongly advised.

    if permatang pauh wronged choice.


    thats what we mean.


  12. jam pukul 12.



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August 19, 2008

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